Nesterly arranges long-term rentals for empty-nesters, background checking everyone for safety

Expected pay: Set by you

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $2.5%, plus a match fee of $95 to $195, depending on the duration of the rental

Where: Central Ohio, Boston and Lynn, MA, and Louisville, KY

Requirements: 18 or older; provide personal references and pass an extensive background check

What is Nesterly?

Nesterly serves as a matchmaker between homeowners and renters. But unlike Airbnb, renters on this site are looking for long-term arrangements lasting at least a month or more.

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How it works

Designed for empty nesters, who are looking to share space and expenses, Nesterly does a lot of background checking to make sure both parties stay safe.

Nesterly requires information about both homeowners and renters, including two personal references, criminal and sex-offender background checks, as well as an address history and a Social Security check.

Rates and rules

Hosts choose how to price their rooms and they set the house rules. No smoking? No pets? Certain rooms off-limits? Will you cut the rent in exchange for chores? Because Nesterly specializes in helping older empty-nesters fill open rooms, cheaper-rent-for-chores arrangements are fairly common.

Most hosts stipulate what chores are needed and how much they’ll cut the rent, if they’re done consistently. Nesterly says the site typically sees a $150 reduction in rent per month for approximately 2-3 hours of help per week.


The site’s ongoing monthly fees are modest — 2.5% of the rent. For that the site collects the rent and helps arbitrate disputes, if any arise. However, there is also an up-front matching fee of $95 to $195, depending on the length of the rental agreement.


If a Guest cancels a booking with less than 30 days notice, they forfeit their rent, booking and service fees. If the Host cancels the booking less than 30 days before the move-in date, a $100 penalty will be deducted from their next payout. Guests have 24-hours after their move-in date to cancel for listings being materially misrepresented.

The main drawback of Nesterly is that its only available in only a few neighborhoods in Massachusetts, Ohio and Kentucky.


If you live elsewhere, want to rent more than one room, or charge more than $1,000 a month, the fee structure at competitor, Silvernest, is also better. Silvernest, which does much the same thing, is available nationwide. You can sign up with Silvernest here. 

What their users say

We found no consumer reviews of Nesterly, but plenty of stories about happy house-sharing arrangements.

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