Need extra money, but don’t have much time? Check out these one-hour side hustles that are perfect for the time-constrained. And while working one extra hour each day is unlikely to make you rich, the side hustles listed below pay $15 to 20 an hour, which can pull in $100 -$140 per week.

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Walk dogs

Instead of going out to lunch, Kelsea Gaspari uses her lunch hour to walk dogs for Wag and Rover. Both apps pay about $12 per half-hour walk and $18 per hour, after site fees, for walking one dog. If you walk two dogs, you get $15 per half hour; $21 per hour. However, many dog owners also tip, so it’s easy to make $20 on a lunch break.

Of the two sites, Rover is the better option. Rover lets you set your own rates. It also allows you to watch animals overnight and offer a wide range of pet services, from bathing and training to doggie daycare.

Sign up with Rover here.

Manage social media

American businesses are increasingly turning to social media to market their wares. However, managing social media profiles can be a lot of work, especially for small businesses that don’t have specialists to do it for them. Enter “virtual assistants.” Technically VAs can do almost anything, from helping schedule meetings and travel to updating websites. However, one of the most common tasks assigned to virtual assistants is social media management.

Social media VAs design and implement a company’s social media plan, spending anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours every day posting updates on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. Where do these VAs advertise their availability? Often on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Experienced VAs typically charge between $25 and $75 per hour. However, there are also a number of agencies, including Belay and WorldWide101 that will find VA positions for you. These companies typically pay their VAs somewhat less, but they can be a good place to gain experience.

Drive kids home from school

If you have a decent car and some experience with kids, you may be able to sign up with one of several online platforms that specialize in picking up kids from school and driving them home or to after-school activities. Kango and HopSkipDrive pay between $20 and $35 per hour. However, you do have to cover your own gasoline, insurance and auto maintenance expenses. Still, if you’re in the right neighborhood and have time during the afternoon dismissal hour, its a pretty easy way to make a few bucks.

Teach music

If you have musical talent and think you could teach others to, say, play the trumpet or guitar, you may want to sign up with TakeLessons and LessonFace. While both sites allow you to set your own rates, they’ll take a portion of your pay in return for allowing you to advertise your availability on their sites. TakeLessons charges more, but allows you to teach a wider array of topics, including language and art. LessonFace, meanwhile, has a nice technological interface that allows you to teach online, eliminating the time and expense of commuting to students.

Sign up with LessonFace here.


If you are skilled in anything from alegebra to Spanish, you could earn $15 to $50 per hour tutoring students through Wyzant, VarsityTutors or Chelsea International Education. Our top recommendation in the group is Wyzant, which allows tutors to set their own rates. It also has millions of clients, so is the site where tutors are most likely to find work.

Sign up for Wyzant here.

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    Ethan Derner

    Note: escooter charging potentially requires you to have a pickup truck or van in order to pick up and return the scooters to the requested locations. The costs associated with owning & operating a vehicle will offset the income, thus lowering the per-hour rate to an economic loss leader.

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