What is OneMeasure Perks?

OneMeasure Perks is an Android application that pays you to just run it in the background on your phone — and, occasionally, to take a survey.

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How it works

You download the app onto your Android phone and give it permission to track your phone, location and data usage. You then leave the app open on your phone to earn rewards equal to 16 cents per day.

OneMeasure Perks review

OneMeasure Perks is a division of GWS, a mobile insights consulting firm. The site says it tracks how mobile network performance impacts how people work, live and play. To track that, it needs data. And it’s willing to pay people to provide it.

There doesn’t appear to be any catch to this at all. You simply get about $5 a month, payable in gift cards, for letting them snoop on your phone usage. There’s no work involved at all.

Occasionally, the site offers surveys to complete for a small additional amount.

Potential drawbacks

The only potential downsides?

  • If you have a limited data plan and OneMeasure’s tracking somehow uses it all up.
  • Any open app on your phone will incrementally drain your battery, so you may have to charge your phone more often.
  • Also, the site is tracking your location. So if you’re working for the CIA — or engaging in illicit activities that require a lot of clandestine meetings — this app could blow your cover.

Finally, users say that the app sometimes stops tracking your phone and providing points. This can happen if you put your phone on Airplane Mode or the battery dies.

If neither of those things happened and OneMeasure isn’t providing points, contact customer service. Users say their customer service is supportive and usually solves the problem.

Getting paid

OneMeasure Perks pays in points. Each day of data tracking gets you 160 points in the U.S.. And 1,000 points is equivalent to a dollar. So, after roughly a month of tracking your phone, you’ll have accumulated 5,000 points in your wallet. At that point, you can cash that out for a $5 gift card.


This site is hard not to recommend. It pays you for doing nothing other than sharing your cell phone usage. And we can’t see how measuring your signal strength harms you or poses a giant threat to your privacy. You can sign up with OneMeasure Perks here.


OneMeasure Perks pays Android smart phone users to download their app and leave it open on the phone

Expected pay: 16 cents per day

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide (remote) & UK

Requirements: 18 or older; Have an Android-operated smart phone

What their users say (from Google Play)

Love making money by having an app just sit on my phone. I have had issues twice where I stopped earning points and contacted customer service-and they replied within hours both times ans helped me. Please start offering Amazon gift cards as a cahsout option soon! Thanks!

Have used this app for over year and would have given it 5 stars, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago, so uninstalled it and reinstalled the app as previously advised by one measure, but it keeps asking me to verify my email address but I never receive the verification code that they claim they have sent. Despite sending two emails to one measure Perks to raise the issue I have had no respone.

Data hog

Too much data usage. I’ve got over 7 gigs of data used, why does the app transfer so much data? I’ve never had apps like this, use this much data.

This app appears to have many glitches .. Was working fine but last update has caused problems.. Missed 2 week’s payment ATM . Edit I’ve emailed you a few times….last payment went in 4 January 😞

Gave me a Google play gift card that I can’t redeem because it says Its not from the US?????? Soook annoying

Stopped tracking

Stopped working. Worked ok for ages, then stopped adding daily credits although a survey did add ok? Permissions were all set correctly. Reinstalled the app and everything reset to zero, but daily credits still not working. Support informed, but no response yet. This was a good app when it worked, but it’s a dead duck lately. Edit – Solution given worked ok. Thank you.

I just changed my review to 5* due to how Global Wireless Solutions listen to their users. The couple of times I’ve had an issue and reached out to them they have delt with my problems quickly and effectively. My advice to anyone that experiences problems with the app is to get intouch with them if problems persist as they WILL sort it out!! Thanks guys I’m all good now.



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