Oppizi is a marketing company that pays freelancers to hand out fliers in three-hour blocks to advertise a variety of gig services

Expected pay: $23 per hour, ($30 in San Francisco) plus possible commissions

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where:New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, D.C., Miami, Dallas, Denver, Tampa, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and several EU countries

Requirements: 16 or older; legally able to work

What is Oppizi?

Oppizi is a marketing company that enlists freelance workers to handle in-person campaigns, passing out fliers and discount coupons for local businesses, for instance.

How it works

There are few requirements for this job. You just need to be over the age of 16, willing and able to work. And, of course, be located in or near one of the major cities where Oppizi operates.

Freelancers sign up with an email address and download the app. They then go through a brief onboarding process, where the company explains how their campaigns work and gathers worker data for payroll and legal purposes. Once accepted into the system, freelancers are notified of any available campaigns through the app. You choose which to accept and which to ignore.

Oppizi review

If you take a gig, the site will use tracking software on your phone to see where you are handing out fliers and to keep you within the geographic zone that they’ve agreed to distribute marketing materials. Supervisors also canvas the area, taking photos and videos of the “brand ambassadors” giving out leaflets for clients. So, if you need help, it should be close by.

In addition to hourly pay, each brand ambassador is assigned a unique promo code before starting to distribute flyers.

By using the Oppizi app, they can activate their commission for signups. Commissions vary based on the campaign, but with a campaign that promises $1 per sign up, you’d earn an extra $10 if 10 people used your fliers to claim an offer.


Freelancers are paid $23 an hour — $30 in San Francisco — and generally work three-hour shifts. Additionally, many campaigns pay commissions when customers redeem your flier.

Payments are made through direct deposit within 10 business days of your first shift. After that, payments are made weekly.


Reviews of this site are all over the map. People working with Oppizi in Australia, where the app was first launched, seem satisfied and complimentary. Workers in other locations appear to be delighted or mad, depending on the local team they work with.

The one complaint that is not local is that the site can be slow to pay or correct payment errors.


The app is relatively young in the U.S. and may have some glitches to work through. However, the pay is relatively good for a job that requires no experience or credentials. All you need to apply is a good attitude and the ability to work and walk. You can sign up for Oppizi here.

One caution, the app’s privacy policy notes that it will ask you to share your address book. Don’t. This is voluntary and has nothing to do with the work you’re asked to do here.

If you like in-person marketing like this, also consider signing up with competitor Field Day.

What their users say (from Indeed)

This is the easiest way to make over $20/hour if you more someone who doesn’t mind being outside and being friendly. Truly I don’t know of any other jobs easier than this that pay the same. However, communication is poor between management and employees. Also strategy for marketing could also improve. But again, for the great pay, not many complaints.

Oppizi definitely gives everyone competitive wages and great performance bonuses … Scheduling is a plus because you can create your own schedule. Supervisor is very helpful with explaining work detail and handling all the questions that come with the job. I referred over 7 people who currently works there

Working with Oppizi was a fantastic experience! They provided me with all the support and training I needed to represent client’s brand and services effectively. Good place to make money

I really enjoyed working for Oppizi for the Short time that campaign was going and hope for another one soon

From Glassdoor

You can pick your own schedule. Have good hours to pick from. My supervisor Mecca always here to assist with any questions or concerns.

Great pay (I hope, still waiting on my checks) and flexible hours. My team leader or city manager Angelo was awesome. He was patient with the new employees, took his time and gave directions, and even helped the new team members one on one when needed. If you like being out doors this is a great job for you. And if you are a people person… even better. Because you will be passing out flyers in the heart of Vegas to all the tourists and students that are waking by. Shift are only 3 hours long so you’re not on your feet that long. Always close to city commute so transportation shouldn’t be an issue (at least in Vegas)

The don’t pay what they say..I still have not paid. They fire you for no reason just so they don’t have to pay u. Then block u from the missions so u can’t confront the please pass on these scam artist

From the Apple App Store

I received an email from the accounting department with a “remittance advice” invoice, it had the total I earned and the correct banking numbers, yet the money was never deposited into my account. I’ve emailed over 5 times to see what happened to my pay and have received no response. There is no way this can be legal! I did 2, 3 hour shifts back to back in the freezing cold, I definitely earned my pay. They also made sure that I was being followed and watched the whole time which at first was very creepy, and the guy in the car thought I didn’t catch him take a photo of me when I came up to his car.

When I spoke out against the way the supervisors have been stealing the money from the bar codes on the fliers they give you to pass out they suspended me and then later deleted my account so I had no access to any management. And that’s the scary part once you enter this work they will give you 10 names to go complain to but no one does a thing! They didn’t pay me for when the supervisor was late and I had to drive to location on my own gas. And point here is they still asked if I wanted to wait for him to work after it was 2 hours passed check in. There’s a woman named Ana who vanished after I found out she was stealing my flier payments and later she herself was found leaving to Mexico.

From Google Play

Easy to use App, for a flexible and enjoyable casual job, that also keeps you fit! App shows a variety of available maps or ‘missions’, to do at a time of your own choosing. Once started, the app tracks your progress on a map, to help you do them efficiently, it also gives a notification if you accidentally go outside the area. Team managers respond quickly to any problems you encounter and are very friendly and helpful.

So far I have booked 3 missions. Two of them were canceled with a days notice. The other one I showed up and waited for an hour and kept trying to get in contact with the chat help and figure out what was going on. Not until 2hours did someone finally respond. It cost me gas money and the lost of the pay from both my other job and from the app since they have not compensated me. I’m still asking for pay from that day but they have not replied.

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