FieldDay enlists freelancers to work as “brand ambassadors,” canvasing local communities on foot or by phone to spread the word about a brand

Expected pay: $15-$35 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA


Requirements: A 30-second video where you talk about your favorite brand

What is Field Day?

Field Day is an in-person marketing company that enlists freelancers to personally interact with a company’s potential customers through handing out fliers and making phone calls.

Field DayReview:

If you’re an extravert, who doesn’t mind wandering around shopping malls and chatting with strangers, Field Day can offer a nice opportunity. You earn reasonable wages for both training and the time you spend representing brands. Your timing is flexible, though most jobs must be completed within a set time frame.

How it works

Freelancers sign up and get to pick and choose between opportunities presented in their market area.

Each job varies in time and activity. Freelancers considering new projects get information about the brand they’re representing, the number of hours required to complete the project, the timeline and the hourly pay.

Hours are flexible, but you’re expected to complete the job within the agreed-upon timeline. A 15-hour project, for instance, might need to be completed within two weeks.

Type of work

Assignments generally involve familiarizing a local community with a particular brand or product. You might, for instance, talk to local businesses about a new Panera location that does lunchtime catering. Or you could get hired to pitch the small business services offered by a neighborhood Staples store.

Some jobs involve going door-to-door. Others are done over the phone.

And, while every project is different, all jobs require a single freelancer to work several hours on a single mission. That means you’re likely to earn several hundred dollars per gig here.

Pay and scheduling

Workers earn between $15 and $35 per hour, but average around $25 per hour, says CEO Alex Nocifera.

The site provides training and pays for training hours. Freelancers also get detailed job instructions, including a script and directions on who the brand wants them to contact and how.

Hours are tracked in the Field Day app. And, if the project involves going door-to-door on foot, the app also tracks the freelancer’s route and progress.

When the job involves making phone calls, the app automatically calls the numbers and prompts the freelancer to provide details about each interaction.

Freelancers are paid via Stripe within two days of completing an assignment.

Simple sign up

The site takes virtually all comers. Nocifera says Field Day is ideal for retirees, students, parents, and those who want to cobble together a living working with multiple gig platforms. But there are no specific age, education or physical requirements to sign up. The only requirement is that you make a short film talking about your favorite brand.


If you’re an extrovert who likes face-to-face marketing, Field Day presents a nice opportunity. You can sign up with the site here.

Other sites that can help you find marketing work include MarketerHire, FlexJobs, FreeUp and RobertHalf.

What their workers say (from Indeed):

“Field Day is an easy gig. Although it’s sometimes hard to spread the message…because some may assume that you’re trying to sell them something. Actually you’re just telling them about the company.”

“Field Day is a fun company to work for. I enjoy the time I spend going from business to business meeting people and telling them about the great companies we promote. We have certain hours to work within. But we are given a lot of flexibility to promote while working around our everyday schedule. There isn’t anything hard about this job if you’re an outgoing and confident person.”


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