Porch promises to connect contractors with clients, but charges big fees for dubious leads

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: $10 – $30 for leads, plus $360 a year, if they want to be “vetted pros”

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: None listed

Porch Review:

Porch is one of several online platforms that promises to connect contractors of all types — woodworkers, plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters, locksmiths, etc. — with clients.

However, contractors complain that the site sends worthless leads, for which they pay anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the job. And getting a credit for these leads is difficult, if not impossible.

“Vetted pros”

The site promises that if you become a “vetted pro” at an additional cost of $360 that Porch will automatically credit your account if you buy a lead and are unable to connect with the client after multiple attempts. (Specifically, if you call the consumer twice and message twice, with no response, you get a credit.) But there are no cash refunds for leads. You just get your leads back.

Vetted pros must pass an annual background check that looks for criminal activity. Otherwise, there are no specific requirements. Renewal is automatic.

We attempted to reach several of the professionals that give testimonials on the Porch website. None returned our phone calls. We consider that — and the BBB complaints — a red flag.

In addition, when we tested the site as a consumer, it provided a deceptively cheap estimate. There also was no way to look at contractor profiles, giving clients no way to direct where your lead was going. In our view, the site’s system generates maximum income for Porch with minimum benefit to both contractors and clients.


Better options for contractors can be found with ToolBelt and JiffyOnDemand. You can also advertise your ability to provide a wide array of contracting jobs on TaskRabbit — for free.

What their users say (from Indeed)

This is a very nice place to start off as a handyman you make good money per hour it all depends on how many jobs you take that’s how much you make you can make a lot of money or you can make a little bit of money it all depends on your experience.

From the Better Business Bureau “baits” its contractors with a promise of great customer service, vetted leads, and a refund policy if anything is wrong. All of that could not be further from the truth. For my company, we are going to look into if there is an avenue for legal action against for the thousands of dollars we have wasted over the recent two years. not only sends out fake leads, I have proof that they do. I contacted a customer for painting services that supposedly they needed. I finally got in contact with the person. Their exact words in text form: I don’t know who porch is…I did not request any painting to be done . My name is not ***. Its ***** . Porch not only had the name wrong but the gender of the person as well. This has happened to me with porch over and over again I have spent over 400.00 in fake leads.

Company is sending bad leads, charging from $10 to $28 dollars for each lead. Most of the time you don’t qualify for refunds.

Not one legit customer

Out of probably 100 leads I was sent I haven’t had 1 legitimate customer.

Their “cancellation department” seems to never be available. I tried calling several times at different times of the day. They just kept charging my credit card and giving me the run around. I have disputed the charges and feel confident that they will be removed, but still what company does this?!? I dug into the company and they laid off half of their employees last year…not a good sign. Spend your money elsewhere…

I have requested a refund on the $$$’s I have spent on their so-called qualified referrals only to hear that my requests are denied due to refund policies.

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