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What: TaskRabbit helps you find work in a wide array of fields, from cleaning and delivery to decorating and construction.

Expected pay: You set it

HuslScore: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $25 registration fee paid by worker; 30% site commission/trust and safety fee paid by customers, not workers

Where: Most major cities in the U.S.

Requirements: 18 or older; submit to an identity check; have a bank account; smart phone; valid Social Security number. In California, you also need a business license. 

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TaskRabbit Review:

TaskRabbit was one of the early entrants into the gig economy. And, in the early days, it got plenty of flak for terms that strong-armed workers into taking jobs and for charging freelancers high fees. The site has since completely revamped and is now one of the more attractive places to find work. 

Freelancers who sign up here, not only get access to millions of potential clients, they set their own rates and availability. The range of tasks available is wide — from deep cleaning to assembling IKEA furniture; providing tech help to doing light construction.

All of the site fees (other than a $25 registration fee) are paid by customers, not freelancers. That means that you get 100% of the rate you set. Freelancers are paid by direct deposit.

How it works

Potential “taskers” set up profiles on the site, complete with their experience, geographic reach and rates. You can set different rates for different services, too. That allows you to charge premium rates for skilled services, like appliance repair, but lower rates for simply running errands and odd jobs. The lower-paid work can keep you busy when premium gigs aren’t available. It can also help you build good ratings, which can be key to finding additional work.

Key benefits

Where many similar sites, such as Handy, take commissions out of the freelancer’s pay, TaskRabbit adds the fees onto your rate. That means you walk away with the rate you set. 

You are also not penalized for turning down jobs that you don’t want.

And once a job is booked, you’re able to communicate with your clients. So, there are fewer misunderstandings than on sites where it’s tougher to communicate directly.

Once you complete a job, you’re paid by direct deposit. Payments are made immediately, but can take a day or two to hit your account. Click here to sign up as a tasker. 


The main complaint we see now is that there aren’t always enough jobs available. Unfortunately, this is true with most online job platforms. Our best advice is to sign up with many sites to boost the chance of getting regular work.


If you are handy with tools, other sites we recommend include JiffyOnDemand and ToolBeltBelay, for virtual assistants, writing and tech services; FlexJobs for a curated job board for all types of telecommuting and part-time positions. And GreenPal for landscapers and gardeners.

What their users say: (From Indeed)

Working with TaskRabbit gave me the ability to work when I have the time and still make decent money. 

Out of dozen companies I’ve worked for, is first that allowed me work in a few fields at once. I happen to be fortunate to have different skills. The management is basically yourself, so you can self destruct at anytime. Perfect place to develop self discipline. Beware of 1 hr jobs with 4 hr travel. Set work area wisely…

Generally not great. Some good days some days feel like your being exploited and underpaid. Other days are easy and can make good money in good time. But it averages out to be overall ok but not good. Issue is the work availability is patchy. Good as a side job.

(From Apple App store)

You pick your availability, you pick your jobs. If you can lift things, move things, paint, landscape anything, you can get paid top dollar for it using Tasker/Task Rabbit. The hirer pays the fees and as long as you can garner good reviews (or even just complete Tasks) you can only make more. And if you live near any affluent urban or suburban areas and are fully available…you WILL be busy. I’m only a handful of Tasks in but it already seems like if you become a reliable Tasker you can earn an hourly rate well beyond what any ‘unskilled’ laborer would make elsewhere. Highly recommend even if you have a job, in fact especially if you do, because the more resources you can provide yourself the more you can charge for your services.

This is hands down one of the best ways to make money. I’ve been with TaskRabbit for just a little over 4 months and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m waiting until it becomes very popular or more popular in my area. You choose your hours and pay. Being an entrepreneur, I HATE working for someone, have always liked the idea of working for myself. This app is a moving step for sure, you can make really good money if you are good at what you do and have good customer service. 100% recommend for anyone.

I joined the rabbit over two years ago in my market is pretty slow especially in the beginning but it started to pick up any other good thing is you know you can do it wherever you are it’s not restricted to one location. I have done every app out there as far as self-employment goes and by far the most supportive as far as help the best paying because you can make your own hourly rate.

*Updated 6/13/2022