What: Priv, formerly known as BeGlammed, connects customers with personal care specialists in cosmetology, massage, and personal training

Expected pay: $30 – $90 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & Fees: 20% – 40% + part of the tip

Where: Select U.S. cities

Requirements: Have a valid license (where required); experience; smart phone (Apple or Android); perform well in an in-person audition


Priv, formerly known as BeGlammed, connects customers with personal care specialists ranging from beauticians to personal trainers. These jobs involve traveling to the customer, often to help them prepare for special events such as weddings and television appearances.

And the pay is generous. Customer rates range from $50 to $175 per hour. The worker keeps 60% – 80% of that amount, plus the bulk of the tip.

Of course, the personal care experts that work with Priv pay for all of their own supplies and the cost of getting to the client. So the net profit is less. However, it still works out to a nice hourly rate. During normal (i.e. non-pandemic) times, the site appears to have a healthy following, too, providing plenty of work to stylists, trainers, tanning experts and massage therapists.

On the other hand…

Sometimes when clients order multiple services, the app books these appointments at the same time. That leaves the second specialist sitting around (without extra pay) waiting for the first appointment to be completed. 

Service providers can also be fined for cancelling appointments without sufficient notice. (Given that special occasions can’t be rescheduled at the last minute, this makes some sense.)

That said, Priv pays dramatically better than its main competitor, GlamSquad. We also commend Priv for being transparent with its terms for stylists, which GlamSquad is not.

What their stylists say (from Indeed)

“This company is a great place to for work! i’ve been with them since the beginning and although I’m not there as much, I enjoy working for them on events which they have regularly. I love what I do and how they pay their employees. If you are a motivated person and are looking for extra income, this place is great, plus the clientele is upscale and friendly.”

“They don’t pay you on time and there are lots of same-day cancellations that will leave you without pay at all. Just be weary of their unprofessionalism when applying. When it’s good its good. When it’s bad it’s horrible.”

“Fair commission and good tips.”

(from Glassdoor)

“Caring company from the CEO down! Always warm and friendly staff members. I wish there were more Elite jobs consistently as I love working for this company. I was affected by the hurricane in Houston recently and I was assisted with a personal email from the founder offering assistance. All because I am a fellow Be Glammed team member as part of the Elite team. The help I received was a show of love and support which I greatly appreciated!”

“You need to be close to your phone to get gigs, which is hard for people who have another job.”

“You make your own schedule. the other companies i work for put you on a schedule and you are supposed to stick to it. Beglammed [now Priv] just books appointments and you take them if you want them. its great if you’re slow in the salon and something comes in. The girls in the office are awesome too.”

“If you do both hair and makeup its better because there are times you will do both on an appointment. I work for glam squad too and they only let you do one or the other.”

Great experience

“I was one of the first artists to be hired by beGlammed when they launched in L.A. nearly 3 years ago. My experience working with them has always been positive. As a freelance artist, consistent work is hard to come by, and beGlammed has provided me with opportunities to fill in gaps in my schedule.”

“Truly has been a great experience for me. I’m so very thankful for everyone there.”

“The pay is great especially if you are top tier (elite), if you see a lower tier you don’t have to take if its too far from you. I have had some great opportunities with beGlammed, like styling celebrities and doing photo shoots and events. I am now spoiled cause there is no way in hell I can go back to salon life.”

*Updated 4/16/2021