What: StyleSeat is a marketing and payment platform for hair stylists, manicurists, make-up artists and barbers.

Expected pay: Set by you

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $35 per month

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Legal U.S. resident


For $35 a month, Style Seat proposes to put your beauty shop online, provide scheduling, payment and marketing services. The site does not manage your pricing or affect your business in any other way. However, it does provide marketing by bringing up your salon whenever a consumer in your geographic area searches for a relevant service, listing your prices and reviews.

We saw nothing to worry us in their terms and plenty to like in how the StyleSeat could help a salon manage bookings. Other sites that cosmetologists may want to consider: Priv and GlamSquad.

What their users say (from GetApp)

Extremely convenient for both myself and my client. They can book an appointment and see availability from nearly anywhere their phone, their computer etc. I can see what exactly they need done and make my schedule work better for me so everyone is happy.

I love that I can require deposit. It is super easy for my clients to book an appointment and it gives me the choice of putting pictures which is a great help for my clients. I absolutely love that I can link it to my Instagram or any social media.

I stopped using it when StyleSeat started charging stylists to use the software. Didn’t feel like it was worth it at the time.

(Google Play)

Great app, works well, my clients like it. The only thing is that for $35 a month this app loads very slow. I have a note 9 so it it’s not because of my side. Please work on the quickness of the app.