GlamSquad enlists freelance cosmetologist to ply their trade on the road, going to client homes and events

Expected pay: $16 – $42per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: New York, Long Island, Boston, Washington D.C. area, South Florida, Southern California, and San Francisco Bay Area

Requirements: Appropriate licenses and skills; pass a skills assessment in person or online; undergo a week-long skills assessment

What is GlamSquad?

GlamSquad enlists freelance beauticians — hair, makeup and nail experts — to go to hotels, client homes and other remote sites to gussy up clients for special occasions like weddings and photo shoots.

GlamSquad Review:

Like Priv, GlamSquad recruits beauticians to go to client homes and other locations to do hair, make-up, nails, etc. for special occasions. Beauticians say this site is good for filling slow periods in their schedules and pays decently, particularly when clients tip in person.

Job site Indeed says cosmetologists working here earn about $42 per hour. And, while this sounds like a decent hourly rate, remember that this pay has to cover all of your supplies — make-up; moisterizers; dryers; curling wands, etc. — and the cost of transportation to and from the client’s location.

How it works

The site is actively recruiting in many areas, including Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Boston and Dallas. To apply, you must be over the age of 18 and have a current cosmetology license for both hair and nails.

Cosmetologists apply by filling out an application and a profile, which details their experience and credentials. The site will also want you to participate in an online demo of your service. If approved, you’ll be shown job opportunities in your neighborhood. And you’ll choose whether to accept or ignore them.

This allows you to work around your own schedule, taking appointments only when you have free time.

If you do take an appointment, you’re expected to show up at the appointment location, with all of the necessary supplies to do your job.


Beauticians are paid weekly via Stripe.

Beautician feedback

Cosmetologists who work through this site are generally positive about the experience, with some caveats.

When they’re working in crowded urban areas, like Los Angeles and New York, transportation can be a problem.

For drivers, there’s traffic and the soaring cost of gas. Meanwhile, public transportation is challenging when you’re carrying 20 pounds of make-up, hair dryers and curling irons.

That said, it can be a nice side hustle for someone who works a normal 9-5 job, but wants weekend work. Or, for those who simply are getting started and need help filling their schedule.


If you want to sign. up for GlamSquad, you can find them here.

Competitor Priv also appears to be a good place to work, if you’re willing to take your cosmetology skills on the road.

You may also want to check out StyleSeat, if you need help managing your styling business.

What their users say: (from Indeed)

The pay is low. Beware, they will lie to you to avoid paying you correctly for hourly work. VIP clients can treat you poorly cause they have little to no respect for the talent. Majority of the time you’ll have little to no travel time to make it to your appointment. Their business model with their talents is divide and conquer.

This job is great for freelancers and for those freelancing for the first time. Receiving clients isn’t always consistent. With the company growing it is hard for them as far as their client experience team to have a connection with the stylists or artist.

Traffic is challenging

Getting around and parking can be difficult. But management is great, opportunity is abundant and your schedule is completely up to you. The compensation isn’t bad, and this job keeps you in your toes literally and metaphorically. It’s all about styling so no cuts or color is involved. You literally get paid to beautify people and go on to your next client. Clients range from housewives and mothers to celebrities, politicians etc.

Has been slow lately so maybe only 2 or 2 clients a day. But I also only work in 2 zones and you can work more zones and most likely book more appointments. But then your drive time, traffic issues and gas will be more.

(From Glassdoor)

The commission doesn’t reflect what they are actually charging clients They just don’t pay enough. If a blow-dry is $60, they are charging the client $78, but paying the hairstylist about $46 including tip. Communication with CE is not always the smoothest. The company doesn’t always have your back, they take the client’s side. CE has the burden to clearly state all that the beauty pro has access to, it should not be a negotiation or an option but a requirement as we are required to show up and provide the best service.

This company is horrible to work for. They take advantage of their artists in every way possible. I have worked for them for years and finally had to quit because it just kept getting worse and worse.

Low rates

As a freelance artist on the Glamsquad network, you get to control and own your schedule as a self-employed freelance artist. It is what you make it, so if you want more, you can get more, and if you want less, you can have as little as you want. But compensation is below industry standard and effectively undercuts the industry of freelance makeup rates.

Terrible pay for all the traveling I do.

Travel hassles

Lots of job opportunities if you keep your books open. It’s like the Uber of beautiful so you create your own schedule and the rates aren’t bad. It’s a great way to make extra cash if in between clients/ salons/ or projects but also a great full time job as well. But not all jobs are arranged for easy commuting especially in the greater NY area. You may not have time to get from one appointment to the next because of the time it takes to travel and your appointments are determined by a computer. Traveling with your kit can be difficult going up 5th floor walks ups and up and down subways all day. The physical impact can be substantial.

Updated 12/6/2023

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