Product Tube is a market research site that pays freelancers $5 to $35 for doing two-to four-minute product reviews on video

Expected pay: $5 to $35 in gift cards per project

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older, or 13 or older (with parental permission); smart phone

What is Product Tube?

Product Tube is a consumer research firm that pays consumers to do short surveys and product reviews on video. The video can be shot on your phone at home or in a store, depending on the assignment.

How it works

To sign up with Product Tube, you’ll need a smart phone compatible with either Google Play or Apple technology. You’ll download the app and provide basic information about yourself, including an email address.

After that, the site will start sending you emails when there’s a gig in your area.

Product Tube review

Product Tube gigs fall into three categories — at home videos; in-store videos; and augmented reality videos. Whenever you’re presented with an assignment (which you can accept or ignore), you’ll be told exactly what’s involved, where, and what it pays.

In reviewing the site, we saw gigs paying between $15 and $100. However, not surprisingly, the $100 videos required considerably more time and effort — often involving visiting several stores for an in-store shop. However, none of the jobs appeared particularly difficult or time consuming.

In our view, the only downside could be travel time to reach some stores for in-store shops. However, if the gig isn’t close enough to you to make it worthwhile, it’s easy to simply not accept that offer.

Sometimes assignments involve shopping for a specific product at a specific store — laundry detergent at Target, for example. Other times, the assignment is to record your typical breakfast; or record your decision-making process when you are buying beer — or snacks; or deli items.

What’s expected

Generally speaking the videos you need to record are short — two to four minutes — and unedited. They do not require any special skills. Product Tube is mainly looking for your opinion. If you’ve ever used your cellphone camera and sent images or videos to friends, you have all the skills required to succeed here.


Payment is made through Amazon gift card, usually within a few days of completing the assignment.


If you sign up here, you’ll get alerts for a lot of jobs that aren’t worth doing. But as long as you don’t mind saying no, we don’t see that as a problem. You can sign up with Product Tube here.

Also consider signing up for Ivueit, which sends freelancers to take photographs of commercial buildings so the landlords can check on the progress of construction projects and site maintenance.

What their users say (from Google Play):

“The reviews are fun to do and they pay out as soon as they confirm your review which is usually within 48 hrs. By far the best app for Amazon gift cards in the play store.”

“Super easy way to make some quick extra cash for Amazon as they pay through Amazon e-gift certificates. Made 60 bucks in a day and pay was late but after emailing support, it was sent immediately with an apology.”

“It’s a great way to earn a lil money and when I say a lil, $5-$25 round about. It’s not that bad with the assignments they ask for you to do. Fairly easy, however getting to the app and navigating around it not so great. Once you complete a job you may or may not have issues with uploading it to their server, which you’ll have to contact support each time and go through formalities. Very frustrating to say the least however, once you contact them and let them know your issue you get compensated.”

Low pay/easy work

“There are always projects, which is good, but they pay little. I’m not gonna physically go somewhere for a $5 Amazon card. Sometimes they have projects that have decent pay, but it’s really rare.”

“I’ve used this app off and on for a couple years. I’ve made $245 but would have made more if I did more missions and not just here and there. The missions can be easy, you are required to video either in store or at home shopping online. I prefer the at home ones better since I don’t go out much. Payout has taken up to a week which isn’t too long of a wait. The payout is Amazon only, would like to see PayPal be an option at some point. Overall I really like the app and enjoy using it.”

Easy and fun

“It’s a fun way to get a little extra $$. There are times when I qualify for 2 or 3 projects at once and there are times I don’t qualify for anything at all. It does require very specific information be included in the videos to be rewarded. Overall it’s a good app, only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because a lot of times there are no offers I can do. But when there are, I like it a lot.”

“I have only completed 2 projects with Product Tube, but it’s easy to do and really convenient….They allow for these videos to be made at your choice of store out of 4 or 5 options (at least that’s how its worked so far). Plus, payment is super fast. Projects pay at least $5! My 2 were $10 and $15”

“I’ve made over $100 now just from a couple months of making videos. It’s a little awkward at first but you get over it!! Edit: I’ve now made $235 from this app and I still think it’s awesome!”

Problems uploading

“Please HELP I have 2 videos to record and the app keeps stopping. Its been this way for 2 days. It wont open at all before it stops. I’ve reported it several times.”

“Doing projects for gift cards is nice, but they really need up fix their broken video uploading. It finds any and every excuse to not work. For an app almost entirely about recording and uploading videos in a timely fashion, it’s very bad at it, and makes the experience far more frustrating.”

“I love the assignments. However I have been experiencing difficulty with uploading videos. There needs to be a way to verbally speak with support in order to get these issues resolved in a timely fashion.”

Updated 4/27/2024

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