Photographers and film makers, who have expensive photography and film equipment, can rent out their cameras and film equipment.

Notably film and camera rentals are a win-win for professional photographers and filmmakers. They provide a great deal to renters, who can use costly equipment for a fraction of the expense of buying it. And owner of this expensive equipment can often recover their costs — and even turn a profit — after less than a dozen rentals.

There are two sites that rent out cameras and film equipment. However, we recommend only one of them. The other gets too many complaints about renters absconding with their stuff.

Rent out cameras and film equipment

The site we recommend, ShareGrid, is an online marketplace for high-end photography and film equipment. The site charges a reasonable 15% fee to equipment owners (and another 5% to renters) to facilitate the rental transaction.

For that fee, owners get an insurance guarantee that covers 100% of your property to $20,000. That’s important because most property insurance excludes “voluntary parting.”  (Voluntary parting is when you lend or rent your stuff to someone and they don’t bring it back.)

If you’re renting out items worth more than $20,000, be sure to get a deposit and check the ratings of your renter. There are a handful of crooks in this industry, who regularly swipe expensive cameras and film equipment.

You can learn more about ShareGrid by reading our full review here.

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