Dozens of peer-to-peer networks will allow you to rent-out — or rent — cars and trucks. These marketplaces provide value to both car owners and renters. Owners can often make substantial sums renting out spare vehicles. Meanwhile, renters typically get better rates — and better variety — when they rent from car owners directly.

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Rent out cars and trucks

However, the first thing to do is ask yourself what kind of vehicle you have available for rent. Is it a late model car or truck? Can it be used to move big items, like furniture or appliances? Or is it primarily a rental that would appeal to tourists? Also, do you have a classic car that you’re willing to rent? If so, you may be able to rent it to movie makers by the hour. And that can be a highly lucrative option.

Here are the three best sites to rent out a car or truck and what they’re best for.

Classic cars

A site called Giggster can list your classic car for rent to film makers and photographers. Notably, these individuals rent your car by the hour and are likely to pay several times more than a tourist. You set the hourly rates and rules, including whether the car can be driven at all. Learn more about Giggster by reading our full review here.

Or you can list your car with Giggster here.

All cars and trucks

Those willing to rent out a car to tourists are best served by a site called Turo. Turo allows you to list your vehicles for rent for free and set your own price. When the car rents out, you’ll pay a commission for the site’s marketing and collection services as well as for the site’s insurance. The commission you pay depends on the insurance plan you chose.

Learn more about Turo by reading our full review here.

Trucks and vans

Fetch is a marketplace for self-service truck rentals. The trucks are provided by side hustlers and fleet owners, who determine when their vehicles are available and what to charge for the rental. Fetch does suggest prices — $10 to $25 per hour/$50 to $150 per day, for example.

But, the actual rental rate is up to the owner. Cars are unlocked and started with a keyless device, making rentals easier for both owners and customers. The site deducts a 20% fee for its marketing and collection service. If you need commercial liability insurance, that’s 10% more.

Learn more about Fetch by reading our full review here.

Or click here to list your truck for rent with Fetch.

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