RVezy connects vacationers with RV owners who are willing to rent out their rigs.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 20%

Where: Nationwide and Canada

Requirements: RV that’s less than 20 years old, or a trailer that’s less than 25 years old

What is RVezy?

RVezy is one of several sites that aims to connect RV owners who are willing to rent out their ride with potential renters.

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How it works

Like the other RV rental sites, you register on the site and create a listing. You set your own pricing, terms and the availability of your RV.

When a renter contacts you with a rental request, you determine whether to accept or decline. If you have ancillary products that you want to make available, from camp stoves to recreational equipment, you can list those as potential add-ons for your rental.

RVezy review:

RVezy works much like the other RV rental sites we review, including Outdoorsy, RVnGo and RVShare. However, it has some noteworthy pluses and minuses.

The good things?

RVezy does a background check on all renters to ensure that they’re over 25; have at least 8 years of driving experience; no criminal convictions and clean driving records. That’s a nice protection for owners.

You also determine whether to accept or reject rental requests.

Before you agree to rent our your RV, the site suggests that you ask potential renters a number of questions. You should know, for instance, the number of people traveling; whether they’re traveling with pets and whether they smoke. Additionally, ask how far — and where — they’re going.

The answers can help you determine whether the rental involves risks you are willing to take.

Another nice feature is that it RVezy provides full insurance coverage for the rental as part of the site’s service fee.

Not-so-good things…

However, the site requires you to fill out a detailed checklist, with photos, to show the condition of the RV prior to the rental. And you must do the same after the rental for the insurance to apply.

Without that documentation, making an insurance claim for damages would be difficult, if not impossible. Notably, mechanical issues and normal wear and tear are not covered.

Several complaints made about RVezy to the Better Business Bureau involved this insurance coverage. However, most RV owners walked away satisfied. In a few cases, claims were not covered. But those instances either involved poor documentation of the loss or mechanical issues that are specifically excluded. Renters are responsible for the insurance deductible.

But more significantly, RVezy gets about one-tenth as much web traffic as Outdoorsy and RVShare, its two main competitors. And about half of RVezy’s site visitors come from Canada.

So, your chance of finding a renter for your U.S.-based RV is far less likely than if you list with the other platforms.


The site takes a 20% commission and charges an additional 5% if you want your RV to be “featured” on the site to get extra attention.

Payments to RV owners are made through direct deposit. You get 50% on the day of pick-up and 50% after the RV is returned.


Listing is free and it’s not exclusive. So, we think it’s smart to list your RV on all the sites, including RVezy. That gives you the best chance of finding a renter. But, of course, you’ll need to keep your calendar updated on all the sites. You can sign up with RVezy here.

You can sign up with Outdoorsy here.

Sign up with RVShare here.

Sign up with RVnGo here.


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