SeasonWorkers is a job board aimed at connecting workers with seasonal work around the world

Expected pay: Varies widely

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide/worldwide

Requirements: Vary by position, but often involve physical labot

SeasonWorkers Review:

Like CoolWorks, SeasonWorkers aims to find temporary positions for people who want to work at resorts, restaurants, ski-slopes, summer camps, sports camps and the like. However, this site specializes in finding jobs outside of the U.K., where SeasonWorker’s parent company, Houdini Media, is headquartered. Thus, many of the advertised jobs are in Australia, Austria, Greece, France and the United States.

What you earn

Wages run the gamut from good to just room and board. The site also advertises a wide array of cheap tourism options, from gap year volunteering to internships. In these cases, you pay the “employer” to participate in the equivalent of a working vacation. For example, the site recently advertised an opportunity to work in Costa Rica saving sea turtles. This season goes from June to December. But, instead of getting paid, “volunteers” pay about $1,200 U.S. for meals and accommodations. You’ll also be asked to do some teaching, data collection and cleaning around your project house.

Job board

However, SeasonWorkers is merely a job board — not the final employer. It advertises open positions, but you apply separately to the companies that they recommend.  Consequently, there were no relevant worker reviews.

We recommend checking out the final employer before you take a position This is particularly important if that position involves overseas work. Never trust without also verifying the company’s reputation and reviews.


If seasonal work appeals to you, also check out CoolWorks, VagaJobs, and XanterraJobs.

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