SeasonWorkers is a job board aimed at connecting workers with seasonal work around the world

Expected pay: Varies widely

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide/worldwide

Requirements: Vary by position, but often involve physical labot

What is SeasonWorkers?

SeasonWorkers is a job platform temporary and seasonal positions in resorts, restaurants, and camps.

How it works

Since this site primarily functions as a job board, you don’t have to sign up or register. You can simply go to the site and see if there are any positions that appeal to you. Click through to apply.

SeasonWorkers review:

SeasonWorkers is one of several job boards for people who want to work temporary jobs in resorts, lodges, summer camps and ski areas. However, where competitor sites CoolWorks, VagaJobs and Xanterra primarily offer work in the U.S., SeasonJobs specializes in finding jobs all over the world.

Thus, many of the advertised jobs are in Australia, Austria, Greece, France, Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

Notably, the jobs we found at SeasonWorkers were a bit more varied than listings on the other sites, too. That was both a positive and a negative.

Positives…and negatives

On the bright side, there were several professional-level jobs listed here, including full-time management positions.

However, the site also lists some volunteering, internship and cheap tourism trips disguised as job opportunities. One 12-month “work and travel” package to New Zealand, for instance, charges about $1,250 at today’s exchange rates. And you apparently need to find the work yourself. And a number of “training” courses are also advertised on the site, with the assurance that you’ll be better able to get that plum watersport job, if only you pay them to show you how.

In other words, you’ll need to be discriminating when looking at listings here.

That said, like the other seasonal job sites, this one has jobs that sound like a vacation — being a wind-surf instructor in Turkey, for instance. Or a ski instructor in Japan.

What you earn

Wages run the gamut from highly competitive to just room and board. Keep in mind that SeasonWorkers is merely a job board — not the final employer. It advertises open positions, but you apply separately to the companies that they recommend.  Consequently, there were no relevant worker reviews.


If seasonal work appeals to you, you can find SeasonWorkers here. But thoroughly check out any employer you find here before taking a job. This is particularly important if that position involves overseas work. Never trust without also verifying the company’s reputation and reviews.

Also check out CoolWorks, VagaJobs, and XanterraJobs.

Updated 5/3/2024

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