What: SeasonWorkers is a website that aims to help you find seasonal work primarily overseas

Expected pay: varies widely

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: none for the site, but watch out for fees associated with the individual jobs 

Where: Worldwide

Requirements: Vary widely, but most jobs require physical labor, sports skills or stamina

Review: Like CoolWorks, SeasonWorkers aims to find temporary positions for people who want to work at resorts, restaurants, ski-slopes, summer camps, sports camps and the like. However, this site specializes in finding jobs outside of the U.K., where SeasonWorker’s parent company, Houdini Media, is headquartered. Thus, many of the advertised jobs are in Australia, Austria, Greece, France and the United States.

Wages run the gamut from good to just room and board. In fact, what knocked this site’s HuslScore into the “just average” category (despite the fun nature of working in overseas resorts)  is that some of the “jobs” require you to pay them, making them more low-budget travel than an actual paid position. These pay-to-play options appear to be in the minority, however, so it didn’t sour us to the site.

If you have the time and the inclination to travel, there are worse things than signing on to work in a daycare center on a Greek Island, even if the pay isn’t extraordinary.

Since SeasonWorkers is not the final employer — it’s just a go-between, linking you with an employer — there were no relevant worker reviews. We recommend checking out the final employer before you take a position, however, particularly if that position involves overseas work. Never trust without also verifying the company’s reputation and reviews.


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