What: VagaJobs is a job board for seasonal hospitality and tourism work, ranging from guiding white-water rafting trips to working as a hotel cook.

Expected pay: variable

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions and fees: Free for workers; advertising fee for employers

Where: Nationwide/worldwide

Requirements: Vary by position

VagaJobs Review:

VagaJobs is a job board that specializes in seasonal hospitality and tourism jobs. Although most of the jobs are currently in the U.S., the site intends to expand Internationally once the pandemic is over. Posted jobs range from housekeepers and cooks to white-water rafting guides, ski lift operators and camp counselors. When we tested the site, there was even an opening for a full-time tech support person at a Montana resort.

Like all job boards, VagaJobs can’t vouch for the final employer. However, VagaJobs is easy to navigate and using the site is free for job seekers. Employers pay to advertise their job openings on a monthly or annual basis. The terms that the site enforces are mainly directed at employers, requiring them to post only jobs that are appropriate for the site and to not abuse reader trust.

User experience

To simplify the hiring process, the site creates a standardized resume that gets sent to employers when you apply to a job on the site. That can save job applicants a ton of time, since you otherwise need to plug in the same information on multiple applications. On the employer’s side, VagaJobs offers a feature that allows employers to save and re-connect with applicants they’d passed over, if they find themselves with unexpected openings mid-season. 


This is a great spot to seek seasonal work. However, the site is still young, so you may also want to look for jobs with other seasonal employers. Good options include CoolWorks, XanterraJobs and SeasonWorkers.