What: CoolWorks is a job site primarily aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, who are interested in seasonal work in resorts, National Parks, farms and ranches.

Expected pay: varies, but generally near minimum wage

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & Fees: none

Where: nationwide

Requirements: Vary by the job, but most jobs involve physical activity — being a camp counselor, ski-instructor, dishwasher, cleaner, nature guide, etc. However, a few may require professional experience in management or bookkeeping

Review: If you ever yearned to spend a season teaching kids to swim or a giving ski lessons, CoolWorks is the site to help you find that job. With part-time and seasonal job listings in almost every state, the site provides free access to a wide range of possibilities. You could work for the National Park system or a Colorado ski resort. Find a hospitality position on an island or lake. Want to work on a farm or ranch? They’ve got you covered.

To be sure, the jobs are generally labor intensive and not highly paid — the reason for the site’s not-quite-perfect Husl$core. You might be a parking attendant, lift operator, house keeper, cook or dishwasher, for example. But the locations and perks — some jobs come with housing and lift tickets — may make the positions worth considering for those with the time and inclination. Where seasonal work is likely to be primarily a young person’s game, Cool Works also encourages athletic retirees with a yen for adventure to think about these positions, too.

Some seasonal workers have said the jobs were life-altering (in a good way). There is no cost to the job seeker, though employers pay a small fee to advertise positions. 

If you are looking for jobs in the hospitality industry that are not seasonal and may be better paid (but don’t include housing), check out Wonolo, ShiftGig and SnagaJob. If being a camp counselor appeals to you, you may also want to consider CoachUp or one of the many teaching or tutoring options. 


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