CoolWorks is a job board for seasonal work in resorts, camps and ski areas

Expected pay: Varies by job

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Vary by the job, but most jobs involve physical activity — being a camp counselor, ski-instructor, dishwasher, cleaner, nature guide, etc. However, a few may require professional experience in management or bookkeeping

CoolWorks Review:

If you’ve ever yearned to spend a summer teaching kids to swim or spend your winter giving ski lessons, CoolWorks is the site to help you find that job. With part-time and seasonal job listings in almost every state, the site provides free access to a wide range of possibilities.

You could work for the National Park system or a Colorado ski resort. Find a hospitality position on an island or lake. Want to work on a farm or ranch? They’ve got you covered.

How it works

Notably, CoolWorks is not offering direct employment. It’s a seasonal job board that works with ski areas, sports lodges and resorts — anyone that hires seasonal workers — to advertise their job listings.

To be sure, the jobs are generally labor intensive and not highly paid, which is the reason for the site’s not-quite-perfect Husl$core. You might be a parking attendant, lift operator, house keeper, cook or dishwasher, for example.

Great perks

But the locations and perks may make the positions worth considering for those with the time and inclination. Some jobs include housing and lift tickets, for example. If you work on a dude ranch, you can expect that you’ll be offered horseback rides in your free time.

Who should apply

Generally speaking, there are no age or education requirements for these jobs. Although, some jobs — like being a cook — require experience. Primarily, what’s needed is the ability to commit between three and nine months of your life to working and living in or near the resort that hires you.

Notably seasonal work is often considered a young person’s game –the sort of thing you’d do during a gap year or a summer. But Cool Works specifically encourages athletic retirees with a yen for adventure to think about these positions, too. Why? Seniors often have important soft skills, such as patience and manners, that are highly prized in the hospitality industry.


If you are looking for seasonal work, also check out VagaJobs. Vaga offers the same sort of job board, but has a standardized application that can save you some time.

What their workers say (from Reddit)

it can be very lucrative if you’re in a tipped position such as serving, bartending or bussing. The housing is usually pretty cheap so it’s a really easy fun way to save up a lot of money. Plus you get to meet amazing people from all over the world in live in beautiful places. It’s a little too good to be true but 100% legit.

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