StepBet is a exercise app that allows you to “win” money by meeting your activity goals

Expected pay: speculative (you wager on yourself)

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 15%

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Qualifying activity tracker, upfront “bet”

What is StepBet

StepBet is a exercise app that allows you to “win” money by meeting your activity goals. Like HealthyWage and DietBet, the idea is to use an economic incentives to motivate.

How it works

If you want to play, you’ll need to connect an activity tracker to the app. The activity tracker could be on your iPhone or Android device, or could be a iWatch, Fitbit, S Gear or Garmin tracker. This app does not work with all fitness trackers, though, so check to see if your device is compatible before you sign up.

StepBet will use your fitness trackers historic data to calculate your average movement and create two ambitious goals for you to meet. One is an “active” goal that will be a step-up from your normal activity. The second “power” goal presents a bigger challenge. Your mission is to meet a set number of “active” and “power” days each week.

You bet on yourself at the start of the contest (usually 6 weeks) and, if you meet your goals throughout the contest, you split the pot (minus site fees) with the other winners.

If you use the app’s free version, you can participate in just one contest at a time. However, if you upgrade to a paid membership, you can participate in several bets simultaneously.

StepBet review

StepBet is one of several behavioral finance companies that help people get healthier through diet and exercise. They do this by getting you to put up a few bucks to “bet” on yourself. Researchers have found that putting money at risk can greatly increase the chance of success.

This is not gambling because you have control over whether you win or lose this bet. It’s simply a way of creating an economic incentive to motivate you to follow through on becoming more active.

The cost of bets can vary by the contest. But the ante for most is $40, which must be paid up-front.

Ap glitches

Most participants in these bets are enthusiastic about the inspiration. However, StepBet has had some recent problems getting the app to track steps properly, particularly with Apple products. And customer service responds so slowly to these issues that many people complain that it caused them to lose their bets.

On the bright side, if you give the site a bad review in the app store, it awakens the sleeping customer service giant, which apparently provides refunds and/or allows the disgruntled consumer to restart their bet.

Also, some users complained that they signed up without knowing that their devices are no longer supported.

Be sure to check the list of supported trackers before you place your bet. If the app can’t track your activity, you lose.

Exercising for money

That said, when this app works like it’s designed to, it provides wonderful inspiration to ramp up your exercise. Typically, StepBet’s require participants to put up $40 on a six-week bet. The first week is a “warm-up” where no one will be disqualified. However, after that point, you must meet your step goals every week to win your bet.

All of the winners split the pot, minus StepBet’s 15% commission. However, if everyone wins, StepBet will waive its fees to give everyone at least the amount they bet back.


You can participate in one game at a time for free. But this site also sells memberships for $60.

That membership simply gives you the ability to engage in more bets — up to 3 — at one time. If you’re doing this as a way of making more money on your bets, it seems unlikely that this strategy will pay off. A blogger at Steemit tested it out and concluded much the same.

Especially in light of the app-tracking issues, we wouldn’t recommend the paid membership. But the free membership is a great deal. You get motivation, usually for the cost of a $40 bet. And, if you stick with it, you get your $40 back.

Site fees

The site charges a 15% commission. But if more than 85% of participants win by meeting their exercise goals, StepBet will waive that fee to make sure that all “winners” get at least as much as they bet back at the end of each challenge.


Winnings are deposited in your account as “points.” You can have them cashed out via PayPal at any time. However, if you leave your points in your account, they will expire after 12 months. So, don’t do that.

What if…..?

You change activity trackers mid-bet. You’ve got to use the same activity tracker for the duration of the contest. So don’t do this.

You get sick and can’t participate? Contact support.

You go on vacation? If you are vacationing during a bet, you still need to meet your step goals in whatever time zone you’re in. Failing to do that will cause you to lose your bet.


We like all the sites that motivate you to diet and exercise. This includes StepBet, HealthyWage and DietBet. you can read our reviews of other sites by clicking on the links above. You can sign up with StepBet here.

What their users say (from Google Play)

A great way to push yourself to stay active!

I absolutely love this app! It is SO motivating, and keeps me accountable!


After waiting many weeks for a response from customer support, I finally left a bad review. This triggered support successfully resolving my issue. I have enjoyed using this app in the past, but do not like that help only comes when you complain. Potential users, take note, and good luck with your step challenges.

I would like to give this app a try but unfortunately it doesn’t work for Samsung or Google Fit.

Hi i need someone to respond ASAP. had an issue logging to my account and had big games going on. Don’t want to loose because of this, specially on my last one of six weeks Challenge . Please respond 🙏 😢


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