Still White is a marketplace to sell second-hand and sample wedding gowns

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: $25 – $35

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Wedding gown to sell

Still White Review:

Still White is an online marketplace to buy and sell samples, never-worn and slightly used wedding gowns. Like Once Wed, gowns are listed for a one-time fee and they remain listed on the site until they sell.

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How it works

You have two options to sell a dress here. You can do a standard listing, which includes 4 photos, for $25. Or you can pay $35 for a premium listing, which gets your gown more exposure and allows you to include up to 8 photos, plus a video. In both cases, your gown is listed until it sells.

When listing your gown, you’ll put in all the details, such as manufacturer, and size (including detailed measurements). You’ll also want to note whether the gown was worn — some are new — and whether it was altered from its original size. The site encourages you to say where you’re located. (That can be helpful, if a buyer is local and wants to try on your gown.)

The site suggests that your photos show you wearing the dress at your wedding. The ability to add video is also a great addition, given that this can show how the dress moves.


Interested buyers can text message the seller to get more details, arrange shipping and/or pickup of the gown. When the buyer is not local, Still White suggests that you have buyers pay for shipping, which is often a significant cost.

Site traffic

The site has a few features that make it attractive for those trying to sell their wedding gowns. First, it’s well established, bragging roughly 800,000 page views each month. That’s about four-times the traffic of the second-most popular used wedding dress site.

Site traffic is a huge issue with wedding dress sales because they’re tricky. Sellers not only have to find another bride who loves your taste, she needs to be close to your size, as well.

The more brides who search a site, the better. It’s also important that the site won’t require you to pay re-listing fees, if it takes a long time to market your dress.


Still White also attempts to boot scammers from the site, which is likely to deter — not eliminate — the vast array of cons directed at sellers.


We like their flat-fee “until it sells” approach, the site’s traffic and the scam monitoring. Other highly-rated sites to sell a wedding gown Preowned Wedding Dresses and Once Wed. If you’re selling a very expensive gown — $2,000 or more — you may want to list on all three sites to increase the chance of a quick sale.

You can sign up to sell on Still White here

What their users say:

(We include both buyers and sellers here because the buyers may give you sellers an idea of how much to expect to get for your dress.)

From Wedding Wire:

Awesome way to get your money back from your special occasion. My dress sold within a week. Brilliant!

I loved that you could browse the dresses, keep them on a watch list and message the seller asking any questions you had and request more pictures from them. I ended up getting a brand new, never altered $1,700 dress for $700! (She didn’t end up wearing the dress and it never left the bridal salon!) It was easy to communicate and once you’re ready to buy the seller just adds a “buy now” button to your conversation and then you make the transaction through pay pal. The only recommendation I would have was that maybe they could add a tracking number button you could add to the conversation so buyer and seller could both track the dress after it has been shipped. This site is a no brainer for budget friendly brides. You could even go to a bridal store and try on the dress before you buy it to make sure you like it!”


“Tried on a dress at Klienfelds and loved it. Checked Still White and there was the dress, in my size, a 45 min drive away, for half the price. Went to see it and it was just as described. Perfect experience.”

“Such a great website to sell my dress. It took about two months to make a sale and I had so many emails and people coming to try it on. Still White is a really good website to sell or buy a wedding dress on. Highly recommend!”

From Still White’s forum discussion

Hi, I sold my dress last week. You can view the stats for how many views I had and the time it took here: As you can see I had it listed for quite some time. It’s a very important purchase and I think it’s reasonable to expect that selling a wedding dress won’t happen quickly. My buyer was ‘watching’ my dress for months before she contacted me so if you have a couple of watchers it’s a good sign. One last suggestion is to make sure you price your dress correctly. It’s easy for brides to see other listings for the same dress (whether on Still White or other websites) and to compare if it’s a good deal or overpriced etc. Good luck!

Sold 6 dresses

I have a small business and sell my dresses on here. I have sold 6 of them and the quickest one was 2 weeks and the longest was 52 weeks. As the previous person mentioned its a very specific thing a wedding dress so someone is looking for something that they are particularly looking for.

It may be worth trying a few different venues for selling, including any local classifieds, consignment, etc., in addition to Still White. I had my dress on here for a month with no inquiries and decided last week to post to a local free online classified site, and it sold today with a couple of people coming to try it on. I had thought Still White would have a much larger global market so would have more success, but for whatever reason the local option worked out for me. You never know which one might work out!


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