What: Once Wed is among the better options if you want to sell a wedding gown, charging an affordable $19.95 for a year’s listing.

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & Fees: $19.95 per listing

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: A dress to sell


Once Wed is among a half-dozen sites that offer to sell your new or used wedding gown for a flat fee. You probably won’t recover the full cost of what you paid, when you resell a wedding dress, of course, but even half of the cost of a $3,000 designer gown is a lot of money.

Once Wed gets plenty of eyeballs. And for $19.95, the gown remains listed for a year. That’s important because wedding gowns are not an overnight sale. Moreover, some competing sites ask for a percentage of the sales price. For anything other than an inexpensive gown, Once Wed’s flat fee is likely to be cheaper.

Another thing to like: Once Wed attempts to limit scams by sending sales through Escrow.com — a good idea and important when you’re selling an expensive item.

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What their users say:

From Wedding Bee:

“I wore 2 wedding dresses to my wedding and I wanted to sell both now that my wedding is over, so i posted them on Oncewed.com. One dress was sold to someone in the US – thankfully no issue. Another dress, a very popular style, has about 8 inquiries so far – and 7 are from Australia!!  is that possible or is it a scam from same group that scams that dress using different email accounts? Questions I have been asked: Some people asks for photos: ok not that weird. Some people say “please tell me since my fiance is funding it” (which sounds sketchy since i read somewhere that’s a phrase commonly used in a scam scheme), and that same person asked how much my dress would cost if she handles the shipping (whatever that means, how does someone handle shipping when i have the dress?)”

From Wedding Wire:

If you know your size in a specific dress (or designer), and are smart about knowing what an easy alteration is vs. a challenging or risky one – these sites are for you especially. Both dresses I purchased off these pre-owned sites were New With Tags and I saved a lot. I plan to sell the final dress I wore… on whichever of the two sites it sells on first!”