What: Write for pay

Expected pay: less than 1 cent to 6.5 cents per word

Husl $core: $

Where: National

Requirements: the ability to write clearly in English; a computer; high-speed internet connection

Review: The Content Authority, like Scripted, finds writers willing to produce blog posts and other literature for businesses seeking freelance writers. However, the site manages to be even more worker-unfriendly than the already poorly-rated Scripted by paying less per word and imposing a variety of restrictions on writers that would make it impossible to use the site as a forum to build a following of your own. There is only a remote chance that anyone could write quickly enough to make this a minimum wage job. Honestly, a better option for those who want to write for a living would be to get a good dog-sitting job with, say, Rover (which will pay $25 to $50 to have an animal sleep at your house over night) and write in your free time on spec. And, if you are a skilled writer, you can find real writing jobs at ProBlogger, FreelanceWriting.com, Remote, Cracked and several other sites. 

What their writers say:

“I’ve written on and off for Content Authority when I need extra money. SEO content mills are the bottom of the barrel in terms of writing and make no mistake: The Content Authority is a SEO content mill. I’ve written outside the SEO realm; the difference between SEO and professional writing jobs astounds. Academic writing, magazine features, blogs for companies, scripts, and brochures all prove much more lucrative and easier to deal with during the editing process. SEO content mills have the hardest editors because they must justify their awful pay scale (well below minimum pay.) They say if you write quickly, you can make up to $15.00 an hour. However, if you make a typo trying to beat the clock, they knock you down to a lower tier to keep you at a lower pay rate. Or, they bemoan issues like Oxford commas, knocking you down from a 4 to a 3. I’ve written for amazing companies on a global level, but since the work is not steady I always return to the content mills. I always regret it. Let this be a lesson: Content Authority sucks. Anyone who pays $5.00 for 600 words is a cheap jerk. I’ve earned about $600 for a 1000 word magazine article many times…SEO content mill writing is like working in a sweatshop. They expect perfection yet pay peasant rates.”

“Great job that recognizes my creativity and skills, but very low on pay. I have been with them since 2012 and when I get a full time job elsewhere I usually put my employment with The Content Authority on pause with no issues.”

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