TutorMe connects skilled tutors with students needing help with 300 different subjects, from math to music

Expected pay: $16 an hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; subject mastery; teaching or tutoring experience; a Facebook account

TutorMe Review

TutorMe enlists subject matter experts to tutor kids online. And the tutoring options are legion. The site operates worldwide and offers help in more than 300 subjects, with students ranging in age from grade-school to college. The site even offers music lessons.

How it works

To sign up, prospective tutors fill out an online application that can only be accessed by signing in with Facebook. No Facebook account? You’ll need to start one to tutor here, since that’s how TutorMe verifies the tutor’s identity.

Once the site has approved your application, it will start connecting you with students that need help in the subject areas you’ve selected. Pay is $16 per hour, billed in 5-minute increments. You get paid via PayPal once a week.

Red flags

The one red-flag from the site’s terms: If a student needs less than five minutes of help, you apparently must provide it for free. It can also take as much as two months to get approved as a tutor.

Positive reviews

Despite that, Tutor reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The main complaint is that you need to claim tutoring positions fast, if you don’t want to miss out. And, tutors note that $16 an hour isn’t going to make anyone rich. It’s also a small fraction of what the students pay.


Notably your pay at TutorMe is not reliant on how much the platform is getting. The platform pays the same hourly amount regardless. This pay may be reasonable if you’re teaching English or beginner math. But, if you’re tutoring in complex subjects for higher grades, you could earn considerably more elsewhere.

Wyzant, for instance, lets tutors set their own rates. Tutors in math and science often charge upwards of $100 an hour.

What their users say (from Glassdoor)*

TutorMe is an easy to use, intuitive platform. As a tutor, you gain access to students in any subject you choose, and it’s fairly easy to find people who need help. The pay is decent, and the hours are flexible — whenever you go online.

Can be difficult to claim a lesson before someone else gets it

The site is very user friendly, making it easy to accept lessons and communicate with my students. As soon as a student is in need, it pops up on my dashboard. But the site currently doesn’t offer the ability to schedule lessons in advance and it does not offer the ability to have a student submit a paper to be reviewed in a timely fashion.

Makes distance education personal

The TutorMe platform exhibits a high degree of effectiveness in terms of usability and tutor experience. Many of the learners are also very pleased w/ the ease of use and simple effectiveness of the UX. It is geared toward learning and collaboration, rather than frill. You, as tutor, also could have the opportunity to be a learner as well w/ a discount on tutoring sessions.

You really need to get to know when students are using the service, and this requires observation and “sitting there” until you figure out what times would be best.

TutorMe allows you to interact directly with students over the internet using chat, video, audio, screen sharing, white boards, which sets it above and beyond any platform I’ve encountered for library reference. It makes distance education feel personal. I feel like I can connect directly with students on my own schedule. The pay is generous, and the work is truly rewarding.

Not loving the pay…

Pay is only slightly above minimum wage in the Bay Area, so a base rate doesn’t always translate to the same value depending on where you’re living

With the amount of money they are charging students (up to $60/hr for the pay as you go package and as minimum as $34/hr for the lowest), they can afford to pay more than $16.

Students may opt out at any point before cancellation period begins, often resulting in lost time that could be utilized to find other students. Students and families pay a lot more than tutors are compensated for, which means they expect above average commitment to your service

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