What: TutorOcean is a global tutoring marketplace, where tutors can find new clients or manage existing tutoring relationships.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 0-20%, depending on who brings in the client.

Where: Nationwide (and Canada)

Requirements: None listed

TutorOcean Review:

TutorOcean is a relatively new (2018) online platform that offers to connect and manage student-tutor relationships. The site offers an online meeting space, with whiteboard and support. And it accepts tutors in nearly all subjects, including academic basics like reading and math, as well as music and sports.

TutorOcean makes few demands on tutors, who self-select their subject areas, rates, and availability. It expects you to post your education and experience, but you’re not barred from registering as a tutor on the platform if your experience and credentials are less than stellar. The site also suggests that you connect any YouTube videos you have that show your teaching style or offer a sample lesson, to help students connect with you visually.


Another nice feature is that TutorOcean has a staggered fee structure that charges nothing for tutors who want to use the platform software to teach, but don’t need help finding students or billing for their services.

Those who want to bring their own students, but want TutorOcean to handle the money, pay a 5% fee. However, if TutorOcean finds the students and provides the billing support, tutors pay a 20% commission to the platform. 

These fees compare favorably with other online tutoring platforms, such as Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and TutorMe.

Tutors are generally paid through Stripe about a week after a session is complete. Those who prefer to use PayPal are paid once monthly.

One Concern

If a student complains about a tutoring session, the tutor is not paid. Naturally, that student would not be able to book that same tutor again and get a second free session, but it appears this rule could be abused. We saw no sign of that in tutor reviews of the platform, however. 


We like this site and believe it serves tutors well. 

Other good sites for tutors include Wyzant, Juni Learning, Wize, Chelsea International Education and, for those wanting to teach English as a second language, Magic Ears, QKids and VIPKid.

Updated 4/15/2022