Userfeel enlists freelancers to provide user experience testing for websites and apps

Expected pay: roughly $30 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; Smart phone, tablet or computer with built-in microphone

Userfeel review

Userfeel enlists freelancers to provide user experience testing for websites and apps, usually paying about $30 an hour.

How it works

Testers fill out a short questionnaire that tells their age, gender, family status, tech experience, if any, and where they’re from. They’re also asked to watch a short video that shows how the site wants you to complete a test.

Once registered, the site will contact you when it has a test. However, it may ask more screening questions — such as whether you have children or buy men’s clothing — to make sure you’re an appropriate audience for the test in question.

Individuals can sign up to be testers here.

Your duties

The tests determine whether a website or phone application is intuitive and functional. So, you’re expected to go to the site and perform specific tasks. You might, for instance, be asked to find a specific item on the site or go through the check-out process. You’ll be sharing your screen and the session is recorded, so make sure you close any other apps on your computer to make sure you don’t share more than intended.

During the test, you’ll be asked to think out loud — and clearly — so the website operators understand whether you’re having trouble with something or admire how the page is designed.

If you’re asked to go through a check-out process, do not use your real name or a real credit card. The point is to understand how the process works, not to subject testers to potential identity theft.


You’ll need a smart phone, tablet, Windows or Mac computer to complete tests. If you have a Windows device, it must operate on Windows 7 or later software. All devices need a built in microphone.

You also need to turn off other devices, so you can complete the test without distractions. If you answer a phone call during a test, your test will be disqualified and you won’t get paid.


You must complete one qualification test, which is not paid. Userfeel will give you a rating based on this sample. That rating will determine how many tests you receive in the future. The higher your rating, the better.

After that, you get paid $3 for 5-minutes tests, $10 for 20-minutes tests, $20 for 40-minutes tests and $30 for 60-minutes tests. (The most common test takes 20 minutes and pays $10.)

Payments are made about one week after the test to your Userfeel wallet. You can transfer this money to PayPal at any time.


The main complaint we see about this site is that you don’t get tests very often. But freelance website user experience testing is, by its nature, irregular work. You can boost your ability to get more testing jobs by doing a great sample test and by signing up with multiple testing sites. Others you may want to consider include Userlytics and UserTesting.

You can sign up for Userfeel here.

What their users say (from GetApp)

Userfeel works well when you are looking for a side-hustle. You don’t need much experience. It works best if you regularly visit a range of websites and try assorted apps and have confidence that you can speak clearly expressing your opinions on layout and usability. The instructions for doing each test are very clear. And the pay for doing a test (typically about 10 – 20 minutes of your time) is very reasonable at $10 per test. But the work isn’t very consistent. And you have to compete with many other testers to get the work. However, I was able to set up an alert on my phone* so I had a good chance of snagging a test before other testers.

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