Veyo enlists freelance drivers to provide non-emergency medical transportation

Expected pay: content goes here

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: $8 – $14 per hour

Where: Arizona; Orange County, California; Connecticut; Detroit, Michigan; Missouri; Ohio; Houston, Texas; Virginia; and Wisconsin.

Requirements: Age 21 or older; clean driving record; pass a criminal background check; CPR and first-aid certified; regular drug tests

Veyo Review:

Veyo connects ride share drivers with seniors and disabled people who need a lift to non-emerency medical appointments.

How it works

To sign up, drivers must undergo background checks, drug testing, training in first aid and CPR, not to mention ADA/HIPAA education and customer sensitivity training. While Veyo provides this training for free, drivers are apparently not compensated for the substantial time required.

When you finally get certified, your pay will depend on the city and the number of miles  from pick-up to delivery “by the most direct route,” according to Google maps.

Pay formula

In California, for example, you get paid $1 per pick-up, plus $1.15 per mile, according to Veyo’s website. Thus, if you were driving someone 10 miles, you’d get $12.50. Veyo pays once weekly via direct deposit.


However, there is no additional payment for time, so you get paid the same amount if that 10 miles took 15 minutes or an hour. If you go out of your way to avoid a traffic jam, you don’t get paid for those extra miles.

Also, since you are transporting seniors, who may be in wheelchairs or require significant assistance, you should expect that pick-ups and drop offs will take at least twice as long as they would for a simple ride-share request.

You also don’t get paid for the time or miles spent getting to the customer.

No-show problem

If the customer is a no-show, there’s no compensation for the driver. And drivers complain that as many as 50% of assigned rides don’t show up.

The one saving grace for this app is that it provides substantial bonuses to new drivers. According to the company’s “current rewards” page, new drivers get bonuses ranging from $250 to $500. Existing drivers who refer new drivers, who sign up and take at least a set number of rides, get bonuses of $100.

The bad news: Some drivers say that the company doesn’t honor its reward offers. The company’s terms say the rewards can be changed at any time.

Our read

Veyo expects a lot of drivers, without providing commensurate pay. You may be able to make decent money for the first few months, if you’re able to collect a new-driver bonus.

But over the long-haul, we think you’d do better picking up kids after school with Kango and HopSkipDrive. 

What their drivers say (From Indeed):

I worked at Veyo for a few weeks but when it was time to get paid they didn’t pay me. The money never hit my account and there’s nobody to contact!! I’ve been sending emails all week and support tickets but not one person has gotten back to me. I don’t like working for free. This job is terrible.

Their system for rides is terrible. Too many no-shows.

Lots of no show passengers. Much wasted time and gas money . Pay is way to low. your net after gas is not good. Riders can cancel 3 times in a row with no cause, other than they do not want to get up .They lose nothing and you are the one who suffers

Driving for Vejo was a great job at the beginning. Rates start dropping and calls became slow. When driving your own car for a company not appreciating what you do is one of the saddest occurrences. Then when you think it could not get any worse the company lowered the per mile rates.


Half of the assignments are what the company calls “ghosts” meaning the drivers drive to the location and the member is not there. Drivers are not paid for the drive to pick up location and use their gas with no reimbursement for “no shows” “cancels” or “ghosts” as they are called. Veyo says they will pay, but that’s not accurate and trying to get reimbursed never happens

They will not pay you for people who don’t show up and about 50% of them don’t since the insurance company pays for the rides

Setting your own schedule is the only positive for doing this job. Uber, Lyft, even food delivery with Door Dash is a better option that working for Veyo.

Downhill fast

In Orange county, California, you started at $20/Hr guarantee plus $35 bonus for 6 trips per day. Now there’s NO HOURLY GUARANTEE. NO BONUS. and the only thing you offer right now is $1.15 per mile plus 40% extra per mile which equals to $1.61 per mile. By own experience I know most of your trips are 5 miles long from pick up to drop off. Therefore the pay we get is $8.05 in an average of 1 hour. Adding to this are 5 dead miles we drive to the pick up location. Summary is that a driver in orange county is making between $8 to $11 dollars per hour minus gas, taxes, car maintenance

VEYO offers daily promotions to entice drivers to participate. But it does NOT honor its promotional offers. A ride offer may come in where you have to drive 10 miles to only drive the passenger a short distance. Before you know it you spent 45 minutes for a $5 payout, especially during peak driving hours.

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