WeGoLook pays freelancers to inspect accident scenes and real estate for insurance companies and law firms.

Expected pay: $15 – $30 per look

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older; pass a background check; have a smart phone with a working camera; and be willing to dress conservatively

WeGoLook Review:

WeGoLook pays freelancers to inspect cars, accident scenes, real estate and businesses for insurance companies and law firms investigating claims.

How it works

The freelancer will be presented with a “look” that details the pay, where you have to go, and what’s involved. You accept or reject the assignment.

If you take the job, you’re expected to complete the assignment within 24 hours. This will involve driving to the site, taking multiple photographs and reporting on a variety of details.

If you’re inspecting a car, for instance, you’d need to get the make, model, VIN number, mileage, body style, accessories, condition of the tires, condition of the interior and exterior. You’d also need to start the car, check the signals, windshield wipers, lights, gears, heat, air, power windows and seats. And you must take notes and copious photos.

Time and pay

Looks typically take between 15- to 30-minutes, which makes the pay of $15 to $30 “per look” seem reasonable. However, freelancers report that they are often asked to drive significant distances, which is time consuming and costs a significant amount in gas money.

There’s no obligation to accept jobs, however. So, if you reject looks that are time consuming or distant, you should be able to make minimum wage or more. Pay is remitted within 30 days of completing a look.


Your chance of getting decent work through this app varies by where you live, with better opportunities in bigger cities. Other sites that offer similar work that may pay better include ProxyPics and IvueIt.

What their users say:

(from Indeed)

It’s impossible to call WGL a job because in my area there are very, very few inspections available. One per week has been the average since I started doing their inspections.They pay quickly but each assignment can be a money loser. WGL works if you happen to be going near the assignment. The average assignment pays $18 with a round trip of 35 or more miles, and takes about 30 minutes.

Sometimes the claims would be 25 miles out from your home with low pay

Long drives; low pay

If you l@@k at your pay of $20 per assignment and deduct your gas, insurance, data use, printing costs and taxes and time you are actually losing money on most assignments. It costs .55 cents a mile to operate a vehicle. Factor in the lack of workers comp and benefits and you will see you are getting burned.

I love the freedom to accept or decline without being penalized. The only downside is depending on where you live, the assignments might require driving 30 minutes to an hour away.


At least once WeGoLook contacted me by phone as they were desperate to find someone to take a distant gig, and I negotiated for an increase of pay. So, keep up with the communication and be willing to follow through and this can be an extra income for you!

Pay for assignments has actually gone down. It started at $15 and now it’s $12. $12 while you drive 1-hr Round trip. Gas is on you. Cell phone and uploading photos / data is on you. Wear and tear / insurance on car is on you. You are better off driving for Uber or making deliveries. After your cost you are earning less than minimum wage


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