Carvertise pays freelancers to drive around with advertising on their vehicles

Expected pay: $100 a month

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Have a relatively late-model vehicle with factory paint, drive at least 25 miles daily, license, insurance

Carvertise Review:

Carvertise allows you to rent out the outside of your car to advertisers looking for a rolling billboard.  All you need to do for this money-making opportunity is have a long commute in some city where advertisers are looking for customers.

How it works

You sign up via the Carvertise website, providing your name, cell number, details about your car and where and how much you drive. Because that billboard won’t get a lot of eyeballs parked in your garage, you need to drive a lot to make it worth the advertiser’s while. Thus the site will accept virtually any driver with a long commute. But it prefers Uber, Lyft, GrubHub and DoorDash drivers, since they’re often on the road in high-traffic locations.


If you get chosen for a campaign, you’ll be told who it’s for, how long it will last and roughly what it pays. Campaigns typically last from three months to one year.


Carvertise differs from its main competitor in this space, Wrapify, in that this site pays via a flat fee versus per mile.

The flat fee is usually $100 a month. But drivers also can qualify for bonuses and “swarms,” where they get extra pay for just showing up and hanging out in a particular area at a set time.

Drivers are paid once a month by direct deposit.

Slow to unwrap

The main complaint we see about Carvertise is that it can be slow to unwrap your car at the end of a campaign. While all of the complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau were resolved to the consumer’s satisfaction, it’s worth noting.

Fraud Warning

One more caution: A new scam involves crooks pretending to work for this company (or one of its competitors), promising huge pay-outs to consumers who sign up. They then send these same consumers big checks that FAR EXCEED the amount promised, telling them to deposit the whole amount and send the balance to another entity.

This is a fake check scam. And by the time your bank discovers the forgery, the crook will be long gone and you will be on the hook for the entire amount of the fake check. DO NOT DEPOSIT these checks. Legitimate companies — including Carvertise and Wrapify — do not expect you to be their payment intermediary.  For more about this con, check out this story at CBS News.


Car advertising campaigns are not something you get every day, but they can be an easy way to earn extra money for something you’re doing anyway — driving. But we prefer Wrapify to Carvertise for a couple of reasons. It pays more to drivers — usually between $180 and $450 per month. And Wrapify generates fewer complaints about customer service.

Nonetheless, there’s no reason not to sign up for both companies, if you like the idea. You can check out our review of Wrapify here. 

What their drivers say (from the Better Business Bureau)

Shady. I called in March to ask what steps I would have to take if I needed to cancel my campaign early. They stopped paying me after that call. When I called to tell them I wasn’t paid for 3 months (after that call), I was told they would look into it and call me back. They never called. 3 months after the initial call I decided to trade my car. Again I called about the missing payments and to schedule a time to remove the wrap. They said I had to pay them $150 to end the advertising campaign.

Not worth it

They advertise that you’ll make $450-$1500 per campaign as a click bait. Once you sign up, they tell you they’ll only pay $100 per month & $300 if you go to certain events. There’s nothing that pays the $450-$1500 as advertised. (Mind you, they have huge law firms that utilize their services so imagine the payout this company is getting). So for a cool $25 a week, I have to take time off my schedule to go have my car wrapped. I then return at the end of the campaign to have it removed & repeat the process. Please make this make sense.

Remove the wrap!

My car was contracted for 3 months and I was paid for 3 months. That contract is over and they refuse to remove the wrap from my car. Now I’m advertising for them for free. I have contacted Carvertise and their shop who was supposed to remove the wrap (someone named Trevor) over 15 times and I’ve left voicemails and nobody will respond or call me back.

My contract expired on September 9th. I emailed Carvertise several times before September 9th to discuss what the next steps in removing the wrap from my car were. After several unanswered emails, I finally received an email on September 10th stating that they would contact their scheduling department. As of today, September 22nd, I have not heard from Carvertise or their scheduling department.

Contract off/wrap on

My wife entered into a 6 mo contract with this company to wrap our vehicle with an advertisement. I want the wrap off my car as the contract is up. I called several weeks prior to the contract ending and requested to schedule the wrap to be removed. They assured me that we would be contacted prior to the contract ending to schedule the wrap to be removed. That has not happened. I want this wrap off my vehicle now!


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