What: Make your car a rolling billboard

Expected pay: $100 month

Husl $core: $$$

Where: National


  • Drive at least 30 miles a day
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Own a 2008 model car or newer
  • Have a factory finish paint job.


Like Wrapify, all you need to do for this money-making opportunity is have a long commute in some city where advertisers might want to have rolling billboards. You’re essentially renting the outside of your car for advertising. 

Because that billboard won’t get a lot of eyeballs parked in your garage, you need to drive a lot to make it worth the advertiser’s while. The company will wrap (and unwrap) your car and pay you a monthly stipend for as long as the campaign lasts.

Carvertise differs from Wrapify in its payment formula, however. Carvertise generally pays a set amount per month; Wrapify varies the amount based on the number of miles you drive. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a campaign and when you do get one, it typically will last for just a few months – usually one to 6 months. So, this is more a way to defray your auto expenses than a way to earn a living.

Carvertise gets a slightly lower rating than Wrapify mainly because some drivers have complained that their cars were damaged when the wrap was removed. 

A company called MyFreeCar offers a nearly identical service (with a slightly different pay formula). If this suits you, there’s no downside to signing up with all three services and taking the best offer (if you get an offer).


One more caution: A new scam involves crooks pretending to work for this company (or one of its competitors), promising huge pay-outs to consumers who sign up. They then send these same consumers big checks that FAR EXCEED the amount promised, telling them to deposit the whole amount and send the balance to another entity. This is a check fraud scam. And by the time your bank discovers the forgery, the crook will be long gone and you will be on the hook. DO NOT DEPOSIT these checks. Legitimate companies — including Carvertise and Wrapify — do not expect you to be their payment intermediary.  For more about this con, check out this story at CBS News.

What their drivers say: 

“Overall, everything was fine with this company until damages occurred to my car as a result of them removing the wrap incorrectly from my car. It’s been 2 weeks and no resolution has been offered to fix my car. It’s very disappointing since they clearly have had similar issues with previous drivers. You guys should have a speedier process in place for fixing damages. People shouldn’t have to expose you on social media for a remedy when you are at fault, and it definitely shouldn’t take 2 plus weeks!”


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