What is Acuity Financial?

Acuity Financial is a full-service financial services firm that enlists remote workers to handle accounting, bookkeeping, tax and other financial jobs.

How it works

Financial professionals can check the site’s “careers page” to see if there are any openings that match your skills.

Although the company is headquartered in Atlanta, the site’s accountants and bookkeepers can work from anywhere in the world. And while pay ranges are not specified, this is one of the few remote accounting sites where you don’t hear professionals complain about their salaries. Acuity was twice rated as one of the best mid-sized accounting firms to work for by Accounting Today.

Acuity Financial review:

The site works primarily with small businesses and start-ups, offering them fixed-rate accounting service packages and a la carte work. Everyone who works here communicates with clients and other members of the staff via Slack, email and phone. You are not expected to work in the company’s office.

However, clients will occasionally ask for an Acuity expert to work at their offices.

There are no red flags indicating that workers are anything but well treated here. But finding employee reviews of Acuity is tough. The site posts testimonials, but independent review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed don’t appear to have gathered any employee reviews. These sites have, however, plenty of reviews of similarly-named insurance companies and consulting firms. So it may be that Acuity Financial’s employees have simply gotten sucked into the vortex of the unrelated company reviews.

On the other hand, the site merged with Catching Clouds this year. And employees of Catching Clouds have reviewed the site, generally enthusiastically. Employees are particularly fond of the company’s work-life balance. Their biggest gripe appears to be that the tech tools they use require training. And the training videos they need to complete in early months of working for the company can feel overwhelming.

Want to work with Acuity Financial?

Here’s a direct link to Acuity’s careers page.


Acuity Financial hires tech-savvy bookkeepers, accountants and tax professionals for flexible, full-and part-time remote work

Expected pay: varies by position

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Vary by position, but require experience, an appropriate degree and familiarity with accounting software


There are many good remote options for people with bookkeeping, accounting and tax skills these days. Acuity Financial is one of them. However, you may also want to check out Paro, Bookminders, AccountingDept.com and Robert Half.

What their users say (about CatchingClouds on Glassdoor)

“Catching Clouds is a great company to work for. The owners understand that employees have lives and allow us to live them. The company is performance based so as long as work is getting done flexibility of schedules is there. I appreciate the camaraderie of the owners with their staff and of the staff with each other. The attention to detail on the work done for clients is excellent as well. It’s nice to not have to fact check everything that happens with the books because everyone working on clients information is diligent. But if you’re looking for upward movement, this may not be the company for you.”

Great clients and great coworkers. The work is challenging and interesting; I’ve learned the ins and outs of a whole new world of ecommerce. It’s amazing to work from home and have the flexibility I desire in my life. My work-life balance has never been better. But ecommerce is a fast-paced industry and isn’t for the faint of heart. It took a while to get up to speed.”

“The flexibility and autonomy are the best parts of this job. If you get your work done and do it well, no one will micro-manage you or question when you’re on the clock. Yes, you will be extremely busy. However, once you’re trained and up to speed, you’ll learn how to work efficiently. The team is extremely nice and collaborative, which is especially impressive since everyone is working from home. You will be overwhelmed while training, but it will get better!”

Reviewed 11/1/2021

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