Bookminders is an accounting firm that hires highly-skilled home-based accountants and bookkeepers to work for their small business and non-profit clients

Expected pay: $21 – $46 per hour, depending on experience

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Remote but must be within 45 minutes of a Bookminder’s office. The company operates offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas and Washington, D.C.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (accounting or business-related degree preferred), 5 + years experience, computer, high-speed Internet access

Bookminders Review

Bookminders is recommended by many websites as one of the best places to find home-based accounting and bookkeeping jobs. But if you are interested in employment with the company, you must reside in reasonable proximity to one of their physical locations. That’s mainly because the site occasionally asks workers to come in for training and meetings. 

Like, Bookminders hires its staff. However, it says that employees are paid based on a formula that takes both hours and projects into account. *Glassdoor estimates that the site’s pay ranges from $21 to $46 per hour, depending on position. This puts Bookminder’s pay in the lower range for similar accounting firms.

Plethora of Paperwork

Employees generally review the company highly for its commitment to work-life balance, saying it’s easy to add or offload work when you need to. However, the one consistent complaint is that the site demands a tremendous amount of paperwork, for which you are not necessarily compensated.


If you’re looking for flexible bookkeeping and accounting work, you should also consider Acuity Financial, Robert Half, Paro and

Want to try Bookminders?

Here’s direct link to the Bookminders site.

What their users say (from Glassdoor):

I’ve been with Bookminders a little over 10 years and the biggest pro is work hours flexibility. I was able to add more clients when the kids went off to college and reduce hours whenever needed. Since we work from home they are aware of the need to be attentive to emails and phone calls. But it’s a hard job to learn and it takes about a year before you are making decent money. Navigating the Standards and Procedures and maintaining records of work time and client charges in the time tracking system is tedious. There is a lot of admin time spent on some work that is not compensated directly. But overall the compensation is fair.

“I started working at Bookminders after struggling to manage the standard full-time position while raising children. I appreciate the flexibility. I’m able to work more or less, depending on my availability. And my hourly wage ends up being even more than it was in a full-time job. This has been a great job, allowing me to be at the bus stop twice a day and be done with work in time to attend sports or school functions in the evening. The flip side? No benefits, and no paid vacation.”

Pay and benefits…

“Low pay, no paid time off, no benefits, and there are strict guidelines… if you don’t use the correct font or fit size in correspondence you are docked “points.”

“You have to remember that working from home is not like being in an office where you can step to the next office to get a quick answer. You will get your answer but may take a couple hours. I’ve been with Bookminders for 2 years. It took a good year to feel comfortable and 2 years to feel confident.”

“Mix of at home and at client office work. very flexible schedule and lots of paid training. pay starts out low and grows as assigned more clients. Pay is based mainly on transactions and some hourly.” 

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