What is AccountingDepartment.com?

AccountingDepartment.com is an all online accounting firm, which hires accountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals and puts them on staff.

How it works

Because AccountingDepartment.com is an actual employer — not a gig company — you apply to the site just like you would to an ordinary employer. If they’re looking for workers, you’ll need to provide credentials and interview. The company’s staff is all U.S. based and includes accountants, CFOs, bookkeepers and other financial professionals.

You work from home. However, you’re working a traditional 40-hour week and getting benefits, including a 401(k), health insurance, and paid time off.

AccountingDepartment.com review

The site brags that Inc. magazine named it one of the best workplaces in 2022.

Worker reviews on Glassdoor are largely positive, talking about the company’s flexibility and sensitivity to work/life balance. However, the training is detailed and workers say they live or die on following procedures carefully and monitoring their hours. This is likely necessary when supervising a far-flung workforce.

Some other national accounting firms attempt to be more flexible about working from home, at least part of the time. But this site takes it several steps further.


The pay is lower than with other traditional accounting jobs, but you save money by not having to go into an office. If you’re hired, you’ll do business via video and conference calls. And get paid on a normal pay schedule.

A site spokesman says that starting bookkeepers — a.k.a. virtual accounting specialists — are paid $24 to $29 per hour. The site hires for more senior level positions, but does not disclose pay ranges, since they vary by position, seniority and other factors.


Other sites that allow you to work remotely as an accountant include Robert Half, Bookminders, Acuity Financial and Catalant. You can find other flexible and remote professional jobs include FreeUp, and FlexProfessionals.


AccountingDepartment.com hires accountants, bookkeepers and other financial professionals to work from home

Expected pay: Varies by position

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Accounting experience; appropriate licenses; resume; interview and screening

What their workers say:

(from Glassdoor)

Lower Hourly Pay Than What You May Find In A Traditional Desk Job. This is compensated by all of the perks of working from home in addition to the generous PTO, birthday and anniversary policies.

The best working environment! Working from home allows me to enjoy my coffee instead of rushing to a destination. I complete my tasks more efficiently without the interruptions in a traditional office setting. My Direct Supervisor makes all the difference, when a company starts to grow its easy to get lost in the shuffle! Our personal relationship makes me feel “rooted” in the company.


I am a relatively new employee, working for AccountingDepartment.com for less than a year. But so far I can say the experience is outstanding. The emphasis is on a work/life balance, and they are true to their word. The structure allows employees the flexibility to handle the normal things that come up in life with no stress due to the support system in place. Teamwork is a huge bonus – help is always within reach.

Love it

Everything I was looking for in a job is here. I have been with AccountingDepartment.com for 3 years and will be here until the end of time. My background is in public accounting and it was so hard to juggle kids being a working mom. I am a trustworthy worker. I love that my managers know that and know that I will do what it takes to get the job done. But they also understand the importance of family. The directors are the most GENUINE people. They are invested in each and every employees success here. Do I wish I made more money? Yes. However the support and relationships with my team outweigh that. I have made more money elsewhere and been unhappy in the workplace everyday so I know that money doesn’t replace that satisfaction.

Good life balance

You get to work from home, on a schedule that works for you! Family is important and the company instills those values from the top down. The on-boarding process and initial employment is a little stressful because they are very particular. BUT the company does a WONDERFUL job of training its employees to be sure that they understand the expectations.

This is a real job. We work hard a full 40 hours a week. They are flexible when you need it, but don’t think because you are working from home it’s not a full time commitment. Working from home is a hard transition for some. You have to be self motivated and able to stay on track. You have to be comfortable with technology and with the changes that come with technology.

This is a virtual bookkeeper company that by far has the best written procedures of any company I’ve worked for. But if you need social interaction with other people, this is not the job for you. Very demanding and errors are not easily forgiven. They are very hard on quality, which is good but that can also be bad if you can’t keep up.


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