Awesomic connects freelance graphic designers with clients from around the world, paying a set rate once monthly.

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Expected pay: Varies with experience

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Requirements: 3 years of graphic design experience; Upper-intermediate English skills.

Where: Nationwide (remote/worldwide)

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Awesomic review:

Awesomic enlists freelance graphic designers to work on a variety of projects, ranging from logo and app design to website user experience. Unlike other freelance platforms, Awesomic promises to keep designers busy and provide a monthly stipend that works much like a salary.

Designers do not have to hail from the U.S., however, they need good English language skills to properly communicate with clients and the Awesomic team. 

Designer/Client match

The site uses artificial intelligence to match designers to clients, based on what the clients need and the designers specific skills. But, both designers and clients have the ability to switch if they’re not happy with the match. Designers communicate with their clients on a daily basis.

Customer side

From the customer’s standpoint, Awesomic offers design plans ranging from a “light” design that costs $699 a month to more extensive plans that cost nearly $2,500 a month. Turn-around times are quick and some of the sites designs have been award-winning — or so intuitive that they’ve spurred viral growth of an app.

Customers get one-on-one contact with a designer, who updates the client on a daily basis. Light designs generally involve logos and graphics, while the “pro” plans include more sophisticated mobile app development and web designs.

Of the 35 customer reviews posted on TrustPilot, 100% gave the site a score of “excellent.” You can click here to sign up. 


Designers get paid once a month via Payoneer.

Pay varies with experience and skill. However, Glassdoor estimates Awesomic designer salaries at about $58,000 a year.

A site spokesman says designers are evaluated every three months, at which point they can get pay increases.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

I used Awesomic to get visuals for our Instagram account @tut.neodna. They did a marvellous job. I liked the approach: usually, two designers are appointed to a task so that a client could have a choice. Then, it’s easy to schedule a call, talk to a designer in person and discuss the small details that sometimes can be dropped during written conversations. I also liked their integration with Slack, it allowed me to respond more quickly and push the processes forward without being a bottleneck.

Looking forward to working with the awesome designers of Awesomic again.

We’re a small startup who were struggling with finding a designer. Awesomic really helped us with most of our design struggles. Designers on this platform are – fast, responsive and get the job done without any extra BS.Highly recommended.

I’m very happy working with Awesomic. They have good specialists for any type of design task. They could also give great advice if you are not confident about what exactly you want as an end result. You really feel that Awesomic not just wants to complete all your tasks, but also cares to do it the best way possible. Great Customer Support always ready to help you out with Tasks Priority if you you running on deadlines.

From Glassdoor:

“Real design community, open friendly and supportive best team, inclusive, innovative approaches, up-to-date tools, quick communication and solving approach.”