Want to drive kids around? There are significant advantages to driving kids rather than adults. First, rides are scheduled in advance; your riders are rarely physically threatening; and kids are far less likely to throw up in your vehicle than co-eds, who want you to drive them home from a night of bar-hopping.

Drive kids

There are three sites to know about, if you want to drive kids as a side hustle: RideZum, Kango or HopSkipDrive. Because all three sites are similar, we’ll describe them en masse.

All three sites are designed for busy parents who want to pre-schedule rides for their minor children. These jobs mostly involve picking kids up from school and activities and driving them home. In some cases, drivers also can provide an hour or two of child care.

Hourly rates range from $20 to $35.

Not surprisingly, drivers must pass DMV and criminal screening to work for any of these drive-kids platforms. And they should have some experience with childcare. This can include your experience simply as being a parent. All three sites operate in relatively limited geographic areas. Since the main differences between these apps involve where they operate, that’s all we’ll say here. But click on the site’s name to find out more.

Find out more about:

RideZum operates in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Washington State, Washington D.C., and Illinois. (Zum’s footprint here)  

Kango is the most geographically limited of the three, operating only in California and Arizona.

HopSkipDrive operates in major cities in California, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Virginia/D.C. area, Arizona and Nevada.

I don’t like any of these options….