Want to drive kids around? There are significant advantages to driving kids rather than adults. First, rides are scheduled in advance; your riders are rarely physically threatening; and kids are somewhat less likely to throw up in your vehicle than drunk college students. There are five good sites that all operate in different geographies.

The top two choices, Zum and KidCar, are listed below. But you may also want to check out HopSkipDrive, Kango and RubiRides. They all require that drivers pass DMV and criminal screening. You also should have some experience with childcare. (This includes being a parent.) Most require you to have car seats, too. Here’s the skinny.


Zum, which operates through the RideZum app, operates in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Washington State, Washington D.C., and Illinois. Learn more about Zum here.


KidCar operates only in New York. However, if you’re a TLC driver in New York, KidCar should be on your radar. This site enlists heavily screened TLC drivers to pick up moms and newborns from the hospital, take children to and from school, and drive kids and parents to the airport. KidCar brags that it pays more than any other driving option. And, with promised minimum rates ranging from $25 to $77 per ride (depending on the type of car), the boast appears accurate. Read our full KidCar review here.

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