Truck or van drivers have a variety of well-paid side hustle options that pay decently or let you set your own rates. The two best options for short-haul truck and van drivers?


GoShare connects people who want to move (or ship heavy items) with truck and van drivers who can do the job. Pay is generous, ranging from $33 to more than $100 per hour. The highest pay goes to those with full-sized trucks, however. And, you must be able to lift between 50 and 75 pounds to qualify. Find more about GoShare here.


AmazonFlex pays $25 per hour if you own a van and are willing to use it to deliver packages. You also must be 21 or older; own a van or closed-bed truck, and have the ability to pass a background check. (You can also drive for Amazon when you have a sedan, but you’ll earn less.) Find more information on AmazonFlex here.

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