If you’d like to babysit, the following sites can help you find babysitting jobs. However, some of them will charge you a small monthly fee to communicate with potential clients. Here are the best places to find babysitting jobs:

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With more than 32 million members, Care is the industry giant. That gives caregivers greater potential to find a job — and provides families with the best chance of finding a good caregiver for children, disabled or elderly adults. However, the site charges everyone who uses it — caregivers and clients — a fee. For caregivers, the fee is modest at $9 a month or $24 semi-annually. That also gets you an annual background check, which would normally cost $15 to $17, depending on your location. You can read our review about Care here.

You can sign up to be a caregiver here. 


Bambino enlists teenagers to provide care for kids. (Most other sites require you to be age 18 or older.) It connects parents and sitters via social media, aiming to create a trusted community. Sitters pay no fees to find jobs on this site, but clients pay $2 to $3 each time they hire a Bambino sitter. Learn more about Bambino here.

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