If you want to provide care for elderly and infirm patients and you have nurse training and certifications, you’ll earn most by focusing on nursing and long-term care jobs.

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Here are three sites where you can find well-paid nursing and long-term care jobs:


You don’t need nursing qualifications to sign up with Care. But, if you have them, you can charge vastly more for your services and advertise yourself as someone who can help the medically-needy. Nurses and elder-care specialists typically list their services at $30 to $50 per hour here.

Notably, Care is one of the oldest and largest caregiver matching services. However, it requires caregivers to pay a membership fee to communicate with clients. The fee is just $24 for six months, so it shouldn’t discourage you. But cancel your membership when you’re not using it. (Automatically renewed memberships are the biggest complaint we see about this site.) Read our full review here.

Or Click here to sign up with Care)


ConnectRN hires full and part-time nurses for per-diem shifts that pay from $15 to $45 per hour. Those who work more than 40 hours get time and a half. And, if you stay as a full-time worker for a year, you get employee benefits. The site operates in nine states, primarily on the East Coast. Read our full review of ConnectRN here.

Trusted Health

TrustedHealth is a travel nursing site that invites nurses to create a free profile to be connected with temporary nursing positions in short-staffed facilities nationwide. You set your job preferences, including specialty, the hours and locations you prefer. TrustedHealth then matches you to job openings that fit your interests and skills. The site says nurses earn between $4,000 and $10,000 a month. Read our full review of TrustedHealth here.

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