If you have the experience, training or certifications to provide care for the elderly or disabled, these nursing and long-term care job sites offer the best pay for side hustlers.

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You don’t need nursing qualifications to sign up with Care. But, if you have credentials, you can charge vastly more for your nursing and long-term care services. Notably, Care is one of the oldest and largest caregiver matching services. People with nursing credentials or experience working with medically-fragile adults typically charge between $30 and $50 per hour here.

However, to communicate on this site, both caregivers and clients must pay membership fees. The fee for caregivers is just $24 for six months, and it includes a background check, so it shouldn’t discourage you. But cancel your membership when you’re not using it. (Automatically renewed memberships are the biggest complaint we see about this site.) Read our full review here.

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IntelyCare is a rapidly growing nurse staffing company that hires nurses to work in post-acute care, such as skilled nursing and rehab facilities. Nurses sign on for per diem work, picking and choosing among available shifts, facilities, hours and pay.

Unlike most gig jobs, the site actually hires its nurses, which makes them eligible for a wide array of employee benefits, including overtime and retirement accounts. That alone makes this an attractive option for nurses looking for flexible work. However, nurses also report that the site pays considerably better than many of its competitors.

IntelyCare says that certified nursing assistants earn between $21 and $62 per hour; licensed practical nurses earn between $33 and $80 an hour; and registered nurses earn $62 to $146 per hour. Learn more about IntelyCare here.

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