What: Like the other survey sites, your ability to make more than pocket change on Fusion Cash appears to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Expected pay: nominal

Husl $core: $

Where: National

Requirements: a computer and an abundance of free time


Like the other survey sites, your ability to make more than pocket change on Fusion Cash appears to be nothing more than a pipe dream. This site, however, pays people to recommend it. And it provides even bigger bonuses (okay, they’re $1 to $5, but that’s big bucks for this site) if those referrals stick around long enough to cash out.  That means you’ll see a decent number of bloggers touting the site, even while admitting that you’re not going to make much.

You need to accumulate $25 in credits to collect your earnings. And, if you toil relentlessly to get this pittance, there’s a decent chance that the site still won’t pay you. The combination of poor pay and apparent wage theft earns Fusion Cash our lowest Husl$core.

Better sites to take surveys and sign up for focus groups (focus groups pay better) are SignUp Direct and FindFocusGroups.

If you’re not certain that you just want to take surveys for a living, also check out Fiverr. As you’ll see in the Fiverr review, you have to be careful about pricing your services on the site, but browsing what’s offered there may give you ideas of better ways to earn money.

What their users say:

“I am enrolled in many GPT sites and only support and endorse sites that ethically manage their panelists. FusionCash is the one and only site I have dealt with that, after accumulating the $25 cash out, and waiting approximately a month and a half for their review process, they then deny the cash out and take the money. It is SO easy to make a mistake with them, and they only notify you once you try to cash out (waste your time and money to $25 and then deny you). It would be better if they thought you a fraud, to least notify you earlier. Anyhow, I think my mistake was doing a survey at the university while waiting for my wife. Oops. I would strongly advise against this site, as there are many other paying sites that are easier to deal with. These guys are terrible. Don’t waste your time and surveys on this site, when these surveys can be taken on other sites that actually pay their panelists!”

“This is the worst survey site I have ever tried to earn money on. I was about ready to cash out and they requested my social security number and a I.D to be faxed to them, they said oh we suspect you are not who you are. God only knows what these crooks will do with that kind of information this site needs to be investigated for fraud I spent hours of my time it took me over a month to earn the cash out requirement of $25.00 to be tossed around like a idiot avoid at all costs somebody needs to shut them down!!!”

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