What: Survey Junkie promises to pay you to take surveys, but the pay is pennies per survey, which makes it virtually impossible to make minimum wage

Expected pay: $2 – $3 per hour

Husl $core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: National

Requirements: A computer

Review: As is the case with most other survey sites, Survey Junkie promises to pay you to take surveys — but it won’t pay much. It’s unlikely that you’ll earn as much as minimum wage, no matter how quick and efficient you are. On the bright side, the site doesn’t try to hide the paltry amount you’ll earn. It’s high in the site’s FAQs.

During our tests of the site, we found that our most efficient use of the site managed to earn us  just over $3.00 per hour. But that’s about as much as you can hope for given that most surveys offered four to five cents per minute. You can pick and choose your surveys to help optimize rates, but almost every survey that offered more than eight cents per minute quickly disqualified our reviewer.

The first questions for the majority of surveys involve demographic information, so survey takers that are from a more desirable or atypical demographic (i.e. substantially older/younger or minorities) might have an advantage at those higher-paying surveys. For everyone else, the good news is that if you are going to be booted from a survey, it’s normally within 1-2 minutes and they do give you 3 cents just for trying. (“Look, Mom, my hourly rate is $1.80! Aren’t you proud?”) But no matter your demographic, you’re not going to be able to earn a living — or anything close to it — on Survey Junkie.

On the bright side, it’s one of the few ways you can make money while watching football and paying minimal attention. Watch a lot of football and don’t mind giving out plenty of personal information between plays? Then you also may want to check out Consumer Opinion Services and 20/20 Research. If you want to share your opinions, but are hoping for higher pay, you may also want to sign up for focus groups through FieldWork or FindFocusGroups.com.

What their users say: (From Reddit)

“Ultimately it does take work and you are trading time for money so it’s just like a side job. Granted, it’s a side job you can complete while watching TV and not paying a lot of attention which is a bonus.”

“I used it last year (like December-ish) and I found it to be okay, I got a lot of annoying e-mails from them and didn’t qualify for much (that’s normal for me though). They did pay out.”

“I used it for a while, and I’d say I probably got about $30 out of it in Amazon cards for the month that I did it, but it’s a pretty bad time-to-cost ratio.”

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