GrowTal connects freelance marketing experts with companies needing help.

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 30%

Requirements: Marketing experience, pass a screening

Where: Nationwide (US only)

GrowTal review:

GrowTal is one of a number of companies that connect freelance marketing experts with companies that need them. Freelancers are screened on the basis of a resume and a personal screening, which may include an interview and/or case studies.

Accepted freelancers set their own rates and availability. When a client’s needs match a freelancer’s capabilities, the site will connect the two for an interview. If you’re chosen, you tell the clients your rates and the client signs a contract.

Naturally, you can choose not to work with a client, if they feel the job is not the right fit. If you do accept a job, you’ll get the rate you set. GrowTal will add a 30% commission to it when they bill the client. Clients are billed every two weeks. And freelancers are paid every two weeks by direct deposit. 

One caution:

The site is only two years old, so few freelancers have reviewed the working conditions there. There are no red flags in the company’s terms. But GrowTal may not have quite as many clients are more established firms, so you might want to sign up with some of the site’s competitors too, such as Mayple and MarketerHire.

Independent contractor

The site emphasizes that anyone who freelances through them determines their own working conditions, rates and availability and are not considered employees. This gives you the ability to sign up with as many GrowTal competitors as you’d like.

Market fragmentation

One of the reasons that there are so many new marketing platforms is the marketing industry has fragmented as new forms of communication proliferate. Where marketing once set the strategic direction of corporate public relations and advertising departments, it now involves everything from social media to search engine optimization strategies. Indeed, GrowTal connects specialists in a wide array of specialty niches, including podcasting, video editing, copy writing, email marketing and conversion rate optimization. 

Because each of these marketing niches are rapidly evolving, it’s become increasingly difficult for small companies to hire a single person — or even a small staff — to handle the increasing diverse marketing landscape. That’s opened the door for online platforms to tap highly-paid specialists to perform these niche tasks. 

Given the rapid change that’s forced most experts to learn on the job, college degrees are becoming less important. However, marketers should keep tabs on projects they’ve managed, and be able to support their results with hard data.


GrowTal appears to be a great place to sign up to provide freelance marketing work. We’d also recommend signing up with Mayple