What: Listen and rate music

Expected pay: nominal

Husl $core: $

Where: National

Requirements: a phone or computer that can allow you to listen and rate music on the site

Review: You can earn money by listening to music, but it’s not much money. With Hit Predictor, you’re likely to earn the equivalent of 3 to 5 cents for every song you listen to. If you assume it takes five minutes to listen and rate each song, that gives you an expected hourly wage of 36 – 60 cents. Given that our rating system is all about whether a SideHusl is going to pay you more than minimum wage, after expenses, you can understand why this opportunity gets our lowest ranking. That said, if you really love music and don’t mind that you’re going to work all day to earn a $5 gift card, happy trails.

There’s a better choice: If you go to job boards, such as Indeed or Glassdoor, and plug in your interests, you are likely to find music-related positions that will pay a decent wage. 

What their users say:

We have yet to find user reviews, but a blogger at FullTimeJobFromHome provides his take here. If you’ve ever done this, please hit “contact us” and share your experience with this company.

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