Hit Predictor promises to pay points, worth 3 to 5 cents, for each song you review

Expected pay: nominal

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: none

Hit Predictor Review:

Hit Predictor enlists music enthusiasts to review new songs and answer music-related survey questions for points. But the points aren’t worth much.

How it works

You can sign up with the site by plugging in a little personal information and telling the site your favorite genres of music. It will then present you with a song to review. You’ll listen to a snippet of the music and then rate the song and make a few comments about it.

For that, the site will give you 3 points. Points are worth roughly the same amount in pennies, so If you listen to the end, you’ll be asked what you think of it and you may earn a few points for your answers.

You also have the ability to answer survey questions and refer friends. Answering questions gets you 5 points ; referring friends gets you 25 points.


The points you get as a reward can only be spent on the site, however. And you’ll need to build up a lot of points to purchase anything. To buy a raffle ticket (to potentially win a $50 or $100 Amazon gift card), you’ll need 500 points. In other words, you’d need to answer 100 questions or review about 166 songs.

Minimum points to buy things, like gift cards, will take even longer to earn. So, you can figure you’re getting paid pennies for your time.


Given that the rating system starts with whether a side hustle is going to pay you more than minimum wage, after expenses, you can understand why this opportunity gets our lowest ranking. That said, if you really love music and don’t mind that you’re going to work all day to earn a $5 gift card, happy trails.

If you’re a musician, you can find better paying opportunities with Songfinch. If you just like to listen to music, and have a great following on Spotify, check out Playlist Push, which pays more for song reviews.

What their users say:

We have yet to find user reviews, but a blogger at FullTimeJobFromHome provides his take here. If you’ve ever done this, please hit “contact us” and share your experience with this company.

Updated 2/2/2023

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