Music Xray purports to connect musicians with “opportunities” to submit tracks directly to music producers — for a fee

Expected pay: illusive

Husl$core: $

Commissions & fees: $10 to $20 per submission

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Music to upload

Music XRay Review:

When we first reviewed Music Xray in 2017, it purported to offer two money-making opportunities. It paid consumers to listen to music at a rate of 10 cents per song. And it encouraged artists to upload tracks and have producers listen to them for a fee. Neither service was highly rated.

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When we revisited the site in early 2023, it no longer offered to pay consumers to listen to music. (No loss.)

Now, it only provides introductions to producers for a price. It remains a rotten place for musicians to make money.

How it works

If you’re an aspiring musician, the site encourages you to sign up and look for “opportunities.” These opportunities range from providing “feel good” music for sports advertisements to supposedly highly lucrative music deals.

But there’s a catch. You need to pay them to submit your songs. Submission prices typically range between $10 and $20. Seems like a reasonable price to pay to get discovered, right?

Cue the crickets

But people who have used the site say that isn’t what happens. If you want to upload your music, you pay them…and, nothing.

Many artists say that no one bothered to listen to their tracks. Others say they submit songs, but never get “accepted” for the opportunities.


Whenever someone says that you can make money, but you’ve got to pay them money first, walk away.

If you can write and sing your own music, you can earn good money with a site called Songfinch. This site has you create custom songs for people wanting to commemorate a special occasion. You get $100 per standard (two verse) song, plus more for extra verses and tips. And you keep the rights. Sign up with Songfinch here.

If you want to make money listening to and reviewing music, a site called Playlist Push is worth considering.

It requires you to have a large Spotify following and it won’t pay you much — about $1 to $14 per song. But you’d be listening to music anyway, right?

Also check out StageRush, a relatively young site that helps artists market their bands.

And, if you don’t mind teaching music, consider LessonFace and Wyzant — two online learning platforms that allow you to set your own rates and schedule and teach music (or in Wyzant’s case, anything) online.

What their users say:

from Pissed Consumer:

“I have been submitting music to Music X-Ray over four years, around 30 opportunities. And have gotten 22 responses with the same message — good candidate but not what we’re looking for. The other 8 opportunities accepted my music but I never heard back from them. I have two A & R music opportunities have my music on hold for one year and a half. Music X-Ray making me pay ten dollars before I can submit and new music on their site. I believe that Music X ray is a scam after reading all the complaints.I always believe it in my heart. Monetary Loss: $350.”

30-year musician says he submitted 4 songs….

I don’t know who these music x ray “professionals” are but let me tell you a little story. I have 30 plus years as a musician and songwriter and have had material recorded and included on albums by major country and pop/rock artists. As an experiment, I sent four songs to different opportunities on music x ray. BTW I have never heard of most of the people who are offering these opportunities.

Song #1

The comments were the production was weak, the guitar solo was poor and the lyrics were confusing. The song was recorded in Bryan Adams studio in Vancouver by Bryan’s producer. The guitar solo was performed by a young guitarist who just recently won an international guitar competition out of thousands on entrants. The song itself will appear on a major country artists album to be released this fall. This song is incredible and will be picked up without any doubt in my mind through my regular network.

Song #2

Song two was recorded as a scratch demo track in my studio with my regular band. The song at that time reached #3 on the Canadian Country charts. This song in the hands of Music Xray received a rating of less than 30%. Keep in mind that this song paid off my house…

Song #3

Song three was a song and arrangement that was written and performed by the lead singer of one of the top rock & roll bands ever to come out of Canada and an artist who has more than one vocal artist of the year award and a collection of Juno awards. This song made a 35% rating on Music Xray and comments received included gems like “vocals need improvement” and cut and paste “Not what we are looking for right now.”

Song #4

The fourth song was also recorded in the Bryan Adams Studio and produced by a Juno award winning producer and was written by myself and one of Bryans long time collaborators. This song was sent to a name producer on music x-ray who gave us pretty good reviews but then wanted $800 bucks to “re-mix and re-master” the song. Holy  c***!”

And from TrustPilot

This is a criminal enterprise. They take your money and give you absolutely nothing. In the rare instance that you actually wind up with an account balance, they never give you payout. I’ve been waiting for nearly 6 months for mine and have seen nothing. I they payout via PayPal so I know that it isn’t hard for them to send money, they just don’t want to because they are thieves.

Didn’t expect miracles

I didn’t expect miracles from Music Xray but I am starting to feel that it is just a platform for other people – ‘industry professionals’ to make money out of struggling songwriters. ‘Opportunities’ such as $20 submission fees with open-ended finish dates sound fishy to me. If Music Xray are having successes, then why don’t they advertise them? I’m sure the writers would love the publicity.

Stay away

Definition of a fraudulent company. Their Industry professionals are not reliable or efficient. This platform is no longer a useful tool for Artist or Industry Professionals. The Industry Professionals don’t respond, then you’re stuck with a refund account balance they will not payout. It’s been over 5 years still no payout. Stay away from this company!!!!

They make money; you don’t

They offer MIPs “music industry pros” who want dreamers to send $20 – $30 to listen to a song. How hard is it to make several hundreds per day like that?

“I’m thinking about growing our catalogue in (random genre) so send me $30 and a song” one says. Just look at the reviews of the MIPs (Music Industry Professionals) and you’ll see all the dreamers thanking them for listening, but don’t see one that was actually accepted. I’ve spent a lot of money attempting to gain relationships with people who matter…can’t find them there. Consistent 9+ ratings on my music…which comes with suggestions to resubmit the same song later for another listing with another payment, getting another 9+ rating, and another “not what we’re looking for” IF they answer at all. It’s BS from people who claim they “might” be able to use your music someday so keep sending money.

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