If your idea of a dream job involves landscaping and yard work, there are several sites that can help you find clients. Here are the two best.

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TaskRabbit allows you to post a profile, spelling out what you do and what you charge. That can be anything from running errands to landscaping and yard work. You name the jobs you’re willing to provide, what you charge, and how far you’ll travel to work. The site charges freelancers nothing to list and sell their services. (The site adds a fee to customer bills.) Find out more about TaskRabbit here.

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JiffyOnDemand sets rates for you, but they’re reasonable. SideHusl.com estimates that freelancers earn between $40 and $85 per hour taking jobs on this platform. Lawn care, for example, is billed out at $50 per hour and freelancers get at least 82% of the total after site fees. More on Jiffy here.

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