LegalFocusGroup connects lawyers with virtual jurors and online focus group participants, who get paid to opine on legal cases

Expected pay: $15-$20 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: U.S. citizen, with a driver’s license and eligible to vote

What is LegalFocusGroup?

LegalFocusGroup is a young mock juror / legal focus group company that enlists individuals to serve as mock jurors online via Zoom.

LegalFocus Group review

The brain child of an attorney and MBA student, the site connects potential jurors from all over the U.S.. It’s aim is to help attorneys evaluate whether a case is ready for trial, or if the case still needs work or is best settled without litigation.

Mock jurors simply listen to a case — or a portion of a case — and give the attorneys an honest opinion. The opinion the attorneys seek could be about how they’d rule, or what the mock jury found confusing or incomplete.

With trials restarting after long Covid-related shut-downs LegalFocusGroup co-founder Caswell Prewitt, said the site is seeing a rapid pick-up in demand as courts attempt to address record backlogs. However, like other mock juror sites, potential jurors should expect only occasional work here.

How it works

There are few specific requirements to sign up as a mock juror. However, attorneys requesting mock juries and legal focus groups may impose restrictions on any given job. Given the local nature of trials, the most common restrictions are regional. Lawyers may need only jurors from a particular state, city or region.

That provides an advantage to potential jurors near big cities, where more trials are held.

However, all sessions are done via Zoom with this site, so the jurors / focus group participants work remotely.

By and large, the sessions will involve one or two attorneys either presenting their case — or facts related to the case — to get a read on how well their side might fare.

Mock jurors and focus group members simply respond honestly with their opinions. They may be asked follow up questions about what facts or portions of the presentation were strongest and weakest.


Base pay is $15 per hour. However, Prewitt says jurors are normally offered at least $20 per hour. When the site has difficulty filling an assignment, rates go higher to lure in more jurors. However, if a higher rate is required to fill the last few spots in a mock juror pool, all participants will get the higher rate, says Prewitt.

Both focus group and mock juror trials normally require one to two hours. Participants are paid by PayPal, Zelle or Venmo immediately following the session.


Like other mock juror and focus groups sites, those who sign up here should expect they’ll only get occasional work. You can sign up with LegalFocusGroup here.

For this reason people who like participating in legal focus groups and serving on mock juries should sign up with multiple sites, including eJury and OnlineVerdict, to increase their chance of getting a case.

You can also sign up for focus groups with FindFocusGroups.

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