Online verdict enlists individuals to serve as mock jurors, opining on cases from home

Expected pay: $20 – $60 per case (each case takes 20 minutes to one hour)

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: U.S. citizen; 18 or older; never convicted of a felony; not employed as an attorney or paralegal

What is Online Verdict?

You might hate it when you get called for jury duty. But the job is a lot better when they pay you and you can review the case from home. That’s just what Online Verdict proposes to do. The site enlists side hustlers to be mock jurors to help lawyers build their cases.

What’s a mock juror? A reasonable person, who can say how they’d rule and why if presented with particular facts.

How it works

To sign up with this site, you’ll provide your name, contact information and some other demographic details, including your age and where you live. When the site has a case in your jurisdiction, it will contact you to see if you’re interested in opining.

The email provides basic information about the case. This includes roughly how long it should take to review it, and the amount you’ll be paid. The site looks for 25 to 50 mock jurors per case.

Once enough potential mock jurors have accepted the invite, the jury pool is selected and no additional jurors are added.


Like real jury duty, you can’t talk about cases you’re reviewing. The site requires potential jurors to review and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Getting paid

While you’ll review cases generally online, Online Verdict pays jurors with physical checks. The site says this is to ensure that they have a U.S. address and are who they say they are.

Availability of work

This is a fairly fun and well-compensated side hustle. But, cases don’t come along every day. Expect that you’ll get contacted by Online Verdict about as frequently as you get called for regular jury duty. In some areas, there are more jobs.  In others, there are none at all.


You can sign up with Online Verdict here.

But, if you like this type of work, you should sign up with multiple companies. That’s the best way to increase your chance of getting a mock juror gig. Other options include Jury Test, SignUpDirect, eJury, Virtual Jury and LegalFocusGroup.

Updated 1/13/2024

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