SignUpDirect enlists individuals to participate in mock trials and online legal research

Expected pay: $12 – $20 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: U.S. citizen; 18 or older; no felonies or pending indictments; not a lawyer, employee of a law firm or insurance company

What is SignUpDirect?

SignUpDirect is a market research firm specializing in legal matters. It enlists consumers for mock trials and legal research, paying up to $20 per hour.

How it works

If you click on “sign up now,” the site sends you to a fill-in-the-blanks form. You fill in your name, zip code, phone number, gender, ethnic group, occupation and political affiliation. The site adds that, if you are selected, you’ll need to provide more information. You can do that now or later.

Additional information the site wants includes your Driver’s License number, annual income range and the type of car you drive.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll get a welcome screen that explains more.


SignUpDirect is among the many organizations looking for jurors for mock trials and other legal research. The service is provided because litigants often fail to see the weaknesses in their cases. And, as a result, they refuse to settle before trial. Even in criminal cases, mock jurors can be used to instruct both sides on whether a plea bargain is advisable.

The site seeks ordinary people — just like the real court system — who can apply common sense to a set of facts and circumstances. If you participate, the site says you’ll earn up to $20 per hour and often be offered a full day’s work.

What you’re paid

If you’re enlisted for a full day or an on-site focus group, SignUpDirect typically pays $100 to $150 per day. Payment is made immediately after a case is decided, according to the site.

Jurors can be enlisted for up to 8 hours on weekends and, typically, up to 7 hours during the week.

What you do

You can participate in studies, mock trials, telephone surveys or other research to resolve local disputes. If you’re called for a mock trial, the trial could be held in person or online. However, you get all the details before you’re asked to commit yourself. These include the meeting site, how long the trial is expected to last, and what you get paid to participate.

At the end of the presentations, you’ll provide your opinion of who should win, why and, potentially, whether damages should be awarded. You might also be asked to give your opinion on whether the case was clear or whether you had questions that made it difficult to come to a conclusion.


Selection is random, so the site says it cannot guarantee that you’ll get tapped for any research.


SignUpDirect works much like other mock juror sites. But, frankly, many of the other sites promise better hourly rates. That said, none promises regular work. So, if you like the idea of participating in mock trials and legal research, it’s smart to sign up with them all. You can find SignUpDirect here.

Or check out FirstCourt, Online Verdict and LegalFocusGroup.

Updated 5/7/2024

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