Looking for a physical job in a warehouse or manufacturing facility? These side hustle platforms can help you find manufacturing and warehouse work.

Manufacturing and warehouse work

Wonolo primarily offers entry-level work in retail, manufacturing and warehouses. If you happen to be in a major city outside of California, finding work is relatively simple. You sign up, get daily postings of available jobs, and take the ones that suit you. Wonolo pulled out of California in 2021, when the state passed a law that reclassified many freelance workers as employees. It has no plans to return to the Golden State. However, it operates in most major cities outside of California.

The site encourages employers to pick “preferred Wonolers.” That allows both companies and workers more stability. And, it is happy to facilitate when companies want to hire workers from Wonolo’s temporary team.

Wonolo also recently pledged to guarantee its workers a “living wage,” which means you’ll usually earn more than minimum wage in high-cost cities. These are all good things. But the flip side is that Wonolo’s worker support is often AWOL.

Find out more about Wonolo here.

Blue Crew

BlueCrew finds hourly staff for companies looking for warehouse, customer service and delivery workers. However, unlike competitor Wonolo, BlueCrew actually hires the workers as W-2 employees and allows them to pick and choose among available shifts and clients. And being an employee has significant advantages over being a freelancer.

Details about BlueCrew here.


Instawork connects hospitality and warehouse workers with businesses and organizations that need bartenders, waiters, shelf-stockers and others. The site charges no commissions or fees to workers. Those are paid by the corporate clients. Pay is about standard for the type of work, ranging from minimum wage to as much as $25 per hour.


HelpAroundTown is a simple job listing site that aims to connect neighbors willing to work with households and employers that need help. There are no fees to register or post a job. Workers negotiate their rates and requirements directly with the people or companies that employ them. The site stays out of the transaction and charges no fees for the connection. The main shortcoming of the site is that it’s only available in the Boston area.

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