Looking for a physical job in a warehouse or manufacturing facility? These are the two best side hustle platforms for manufacturing and warehouse work.


Wonolo primarily offers entry-level retail, manufacturing and warehouse work. If you happen to be in a major city, finding work is relatively simple. You sign up, get daily postings of available jobs, and take the ones that suit you. However the site doesn’t operate in a handful of states, such as California, that have restrictive freelance laws. Find out more about Wonolo here.

Blue Crew

BlueCrew finds hourly staff for companies looking for warehouse, customer service and delivery workers. However, unlike competitor Wonolo, BlueCrew actually hires the workers as W-2 employees and allows them to pick and choose among available shifts and clients. That means it can operate in every state. And being an employee has significant advantages over being a freelancer. Details about BlueCrew here.

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