BlueCrew is a staffing company for hourly workers in delivery, customer service and warehouse work

Expected pay: $10 – $20

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Select major markets (see review)

Requirements:Personal interview; background check

BlueCrew Review:

BlueCrew is a staffing company for companies looking for a flexible hourly workers in warehouse, customer service and delivery jobs in more than a dozen major markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. However, unlike competitor Wonolo, BlueCrew actually hires the workers and allows them to pick and choose among available shifts and clients.

How it works

You sign up with BlueCrew, providing basic information about you and what your experience is. The site will run a background check on you, which usually only takes a few hours. If the company chooses to hire you,  you’ll get access to shifts.


Worker pay varies by the job and shift that the employee picks up.

However, simply putting workers on staff is a benefit. This causes the company to deduct taxes from your weekly wages and pay the company half of the 15.3% Social Security and Medicare levy, which is shown on paychecks at FICA. That saves you both trouble and 7.65% of your wages. (In a straight independent contractor arrangement, you are responsible for sending estimated tax payments to the IRS and for paying the full 15.3% “FICA” tax.)

That said, BlueCrew may not have enough jobs to keep you busy. Moreover, most of the jobs are in warehouses, stocking shelves, providing order fulfillment, customer service or delivery. None of these are particularly highly-paid positions.

Point system

The company rates worker performance based on a point system that gives you 6 points for uploading a photo and bio to the site, another couple of points for “liking” BlueCrew on Facebook and Twitter.

You get 5 points each time you complete a shift. And if an employer makes you a “favorite” or gives you a 5-star rating, you get more points. However, if you’re late to work, cancel a shift at the last minute or are cited for inappropriate behavior on a job, the site deducts points and reserves the right to fire you at any time.


In the past year, we’ve seen a steep rise in complaints about this company and app. Several workers said they couldn’t find current jobs; get paid for shifts that they worked; or get any help from customer support.


If you work in a city where BlueCrew operates (find the list here) and like warehouse and delivery work this is an average opportunity. You can sign up with BlueCrew here.

, you may also want to check out TaskRabbit and Wonolo, as well as Amazon Flex for delivery jobs and Qwick for foodservice and special event work.

What their users say (from Glassdoor)

You will work for free, showed up and worked an 8 hr shift and checked in with security and management on site. Now, BlueCrew is saying that I never showed and is refusing to pay me for the work completed. You can’t even log your hours unless you’re at the job site so I don’t even understand how this is an issue.

This company is poorly managed and they have terrible support. Temp workers are just another body for them. They don’t care about the people who work for them and they are constantly doing shady things. Also they don’t have as many good jobs available as they used to have.

Make your own schedule and pick the jobs you want to do. Get to work in many different areas and experience lots of different things. Easy to make schedule through app. Policies are easy to follow in general. Gives good descriptions of the jobs offered. But sometimes you have to travel far to get to these gigs. No benefits. No set schedule or guarantees. Pay will vary depending on the job offered.

(Apple App Store):

I heard about them on a CL ad. I was in the process of looking for a part or full time night job . After finding out about Blue Crew I was able to download the app and set an appointment for an interview within a hour or two. By the following day, my profile was all set up . Background check cleared in a few days . A few job leads came up that didn’t exactly match the schedule that I was looking for. But in less than three weeks I had found a job that worked great and got hired right away. I’m only training at the moment, but I’m excited to see where this takes me. I’m very happy with the way Blue crew treated me and the process.

I’ve been patient with BlueCrew. Since it’s new to Atlanta, there were reasons why the start date has been pushed back. I’m thankful that they were willing to pay for a half of weeks work. However, when it comes to jobs .. the notifications are not sent out at a reasonable hour. I used to get text messages from my supervisor at least giving me the opportunity to check the app. I am now placed on Standby a lot because i receive notifications late. She’s no longer here and my current supervisor is not helpful all.

The pay is great if you are able to snag a job. Paid on a weekly basis and the schedule is contingent on your preference. Overnight shifts pay more.

They are friendly, but getting work with this app is impossible. Not enough jobs.

From Indeed

Love working for Bluecrew. I have been on and off for over 5 years. I have been to LEVI’S stadium, AVAYA stadium, OAKLAND coliseum, SF GIANTS stadium. All for jobs with Bluecrew vouching for me. Thanks to them I have loved working these past years.

Few jobs that pay more than $10/hr. There are reps in the area that come in to meet their clients but they do not take the time to meet the employees working onsite for them. Ya might eventually get a t-shirt. App itself needs work. It is the only way to communicate with the company.

Updated 12/12/2023

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