Mistplay is a gaming app that promises to pay users to download and play games on Android-operated smart-phones.

Expected pay: minimal

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older; Android smart phone

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay is a gaming app that promises to pay users to download and play. The site is essentially passing on revenue that it earns from game developers, who want to boost their visibility and customer loyalty.

How it works:

Mistplay only works with Android devices, so you’ll need a smartphone with Android software to use this app. You also must be over the age of 18.

Meet those requirements? Then you simply sign up with your name, password and a few other details, and start looking at the different games offered through the site.

If you see something you want to play, you download the game through the app. To get economic credit for playing, you’ve got to play this game through Mistplay — and you’ve got to disable battery-saving tech on your phone, which interferes with Mistplay being able to track your game use.

Since you get paid for playing — not simply having a game open — the site is always functioning in the background.

The site also asks for permission to see what other games you have on your device. Mistplay says it uses this information to match you with other games you might enjoy.

Mistplay review

You get Mistplay points for time you spend playing games through this app. However, the point system can be complex.

You get points for reaching certain levels in the game; for playing every day for a seven-day streak; and, potentially, for winning contests. In some cases, you also get points for buying virtual products within the games you’re playing. And you get points for referring friends.

At times, you can earn bonus points for playing certain games or for other activities that Mistplay wants to encourage.

However, you stop getting credit after two hours of solid game-playing. You also don’t get credits for playing without reaching an earnings threshold. And if you’ve reached a level 20 in any given game, you stop accumulating more points for playing that game.

Battery-saving programs also can block Mistplay from recording your time and providing points.

Value of points

Points are used to buy gift cards in the app, which can be used to buy products on Amazon or elsewhere. However, it takes a lot of points to buy one gift card. So, you would need to play for hours to get, say, $1 or $2.

That said, the app rewards you for playing games you enjoy. So, it’s hard to argue that you’re not getting compensated enough for doing something that you’re presumably doing for fun anyway.

When you want to cash out, the site will require a selfie video to verify your identity. The site says this is to ensure that users are real people, not bots.

Users generally don’t complain about this requirement here (though they do with some competing apps, such as Money Well). So Mistplay doesn’t appear to be abusing this provision to keep people from payouts.

What we like

Unlike some other apps that stop providing points when you’ve gotten hooked on a game, Mistplay continues to reward you for playing games that you like. User reviews of the app are generally favorable. And the site’s support is available to answer questions and help people when they have problems.

The site also has a super-low cash-out threshold of 50 cents, so if you need pocket change, you get pretty easy access to it.

What we don’t like

Several reviewers complain that you the site has reduced the number of activities that generate points, and that some point-earning activities require spending money on things like VIP badges or “Loyalty Gems.”

Mistplay points aren’t worth enough to pay anything to get them. And, they can be taken away if the site disables your account for any one of several reasons, including inactivity.

Finally, users say that the app can be glitchy.


If you love playing games on your Android phone, there’s no reason not to download Mistplay and see if you can earn rewards for what you’re already doing. But, don’t imagine that you’re going to earn a lot of cash here.

And, certainly don’t pay money to get rewards. The rewards aren’t worth much — and they can be taken away.

A better choice is Rewarded Play, which operates similarly but has a good customer support team, if you have trouble claiming rewards.

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What their users say (from Google Play)

Since the last update, I have been playing more regularly and have been quite impressed with the payout amounts and the ease of use. (July, 2023)

I’ve used this app on and off for years, because it was the only game tracking rewards app I’d found with a good selection of games and rewards options with multiple payout tiers. It’s had some major bugs from time to time, some of which have been very frustrating, but they generally get them fixed fairly quickly. However, I have more recently found other apps that deliver comparable rewards, and Mistplay has lost some features over time. Overall, it’s still one of the better apps of this type. (July 12, 2023)


Crashes, no longer opens since update. I used to enjoy finding new games, and playing for points. The accumulation of points was respectable, not slow. The purchase options were great, good variety. It had an easy to use, platform that was fun to explore. Hopefully they can fix this crashing before I loose interest and switch to another app. UPDATE: Since the last update, I have been playing more regularly and have been quite impressed with the payout amounts and the ease of use. (June, 2023)

Could receive units more often than I do, but all in all, it’s pretty fun and has actually helped me out.

Difficult to earn points

This app for the most part has been amazing. I have been able to make a nice bit of cash that has allowed me to do fun things in my life that I couldn’t otherwise afford. However it seems that they got rid of the boosted feature which is tragic. Very difficult to earn points now without spending money. Also I don’t know what you guys have to do but you gotta get Marvel Snap to give loyal gems. I spend quite a bit of money there and it’s unfortunate that I don’t get any gems for that.

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