Rewarded Play is an Android app that allows you to earn gift cards for playing games on your smart phone.

Expected pay: $1 – $2 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 16 or older; smart phone using Android technology

What is Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play is an Android app that allows you to earn gift cards for playing games, like Solitaire and Bingo, on your smart phone.

How it works

Download this free app on your Android phone and sign up. It’s pretty intuitive.

Rewarded Play review

Rewarded Play encourages you to start uploading games right away. The site wants you to upload at least three games from the site’s extensive collection of choices and use all three of them for at least two consecutive days. Each suggested activity has a number of points associated with it, so as you complete different tasks through the app, you’ll see that you are quickly accumulating points.

You get points for five activities — downloading new games; playing games through the app for a set amount of time; making in-app purchases; watching advertisements; and completing tasks, such as moving up a level in a game. You can also get bonus points.

Bonus points

If you enable push notifications, you can potentially earn up to 1,000 bonus points for “happy hour” and “early bird” activities that must be done in specific time frames.

In addition, there are daily bonuses for people who play enough to earn 5,000 points in a single day. If you do that, Rewarded Play will credit your account with an additional 500-point bonus on day one. If you sign in and earn the requisite number of points on day 2, the site will give you 1,000 bonus points and these bonus points will increase by 500 on each consecutive day you use the app until you reach 2,500 daily bonus points on day 5.

But, if you miss your 5,000-point daily goal even once during a consecutive streak, the bonus ladder starts over at the bottom.

What points are worth

You might imagine that earning all these points and bonus points is going to have you rolling in dough. But points are not the same as pennies. Rewarded Play’s exchange rate is 9,000 points per US dollar.


Rewards are paid in virtual gift cards offered by major retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart and Target. And the payout threshold is $5, for which you’ll need 45,000 points.


If an account is inactive for more than six months, Influence Mobile — the site that offers Rewarded Play — can disable the account and seize any non-bonus points within it. (Bonus points will be converted to gift cards.) However, given the site’s relatively low cash-out thresholds, there shouldn’t be any reason to lose points without cashing them out.


You won’t earn minimum wage with Rewarded Play, nor with any of the other get-paid-to-play apps. But this one offers fairly fair and predictable payments for an enjoyable activity. And it is well-reviewed by people who use it. So, it’s our top pick in the category. The only other similar site we recommend is Mistplay, which operates similarly.

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What their users say (from Google Play)

I have been really enjoying my experience with Rewarded Play. I switch my apps when needed and can usually find something new to play. However, they could work on selection a bit. I’m really liking that I can find a game here and there that doesn’t require purchases a bit more than in the beginning. I also have to give their customer support credit for always being polite and helpful in resolving any issues when contacted. Definitely recommend giving it a try. (July 2023)

I have been playing for 2 years. Ive reached my point goal many times by selecting 4 or 5 games or more and playing once a day. You can get extra points by doing the surveys. I think what would make this app more enjoyable if they had just alittle bit more games and a variety. Other than that i enjoy the app. You can redeem your reward and get it in 24 hours. I had no problems in the 2 years of using this app. (July 2023)


Overall a great app. Had issues after initially downloading it. Took about a week to get it fixed through customer service. Earned myself a few gift cards now, about $25 a month. But keep having issues with daily points not crediting. A few weeks ago it was only some games – older ones I installed initially that still had daily points left. Newer ones credited. Since yesterday, none of the games give daily points. Hard to make your goal that way. But definitely a legitimate app, it does pay. (July 2023)

It has been a while since I have used this app. Got the needed points for my Amazon gift card, and it took me all the way to the terms and conditions. When I accepted and hit continue, the button dimmed and is just stuck there. It isn’t finishing the redemption. I force closed twice and also turned my phone off and on. Keeps sticking in the same place. Not a good look Rewarded Play.

Great customer service

Awesome app! Easy to navigate and use Good amount of points awarded for 3 minutes use daily, for activities, and for bonuses. Customer service is fantastic – they respond quickly and are very helpful if you have any problems or issues and submit a ticket. I was having a problem that spanned 3 days and was extremely frustrating. The representative I worked with (Alex) was very patient in dealing with the issue I was having and not once did Alex make me feel like I was being bothersome/annoying.

So this is one of the better reward play type apps I’ve tried. The points definitely add up a lot quicker so I don’t feel almost like I’m working towards something unnatainable nor something not worth attaining in the first place. I wish they had different reward options though… Like maybe a visa gift card, that would be awesome! Oh and their customer service, they are so swift, easy to contact and interact with and very much quick to take action to fix any issues included missing points!

Good rewards

Well, at first it seemed like a good time as I got close to $20, however, when I cashed out for 10$ 2days ago now, and nothing. I wrote 2 letters to see what’s up and still nothing. It doesn’t even show it pending. GametTester would have fixed it right away. It’s time to take the loss and find a different app. What a disappointment this ended up being.

Not as many game or gift card options as similar apps but IMO it makes up for it by super clearly outlining goals and how many points they are worth. No playing, not knowing how long til you reach the next checkpoint, only for it to be worth 40 pts. It makes it super easy to pick a couple goals to knock out when you have a few spare minutes. Through fairly moderate play, I’ve earned $10 since 05/15. Payout is quick. Not quit your job money but fun way to get some pocket change.

Payouts are quick and easy, the selection of games is good, and earning points through achieving goals in game is much more satisfying than only getting points for time spent on games. The surveys option has also been very easy to navigate and earn points through. It would be nice if a visa gift card was an option, or any of the restaurants near me, but that’s really more because of the area I’m in not having much available. Definitely one of the best play to earn apps I’ve tried thus far. (June 2023)

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