What: OfferUp is a free site that allows you to sell personal items, ranging from musical instruments and furniture to clothing and books

Commissions & Fees: None

Husl$core: $$$$

Expected pay: NA

Where: Most major cities

Requirements: Must be over age 13 to use the app; if you’re under age 18, you must have parental supervision; smart phone


OfferUp is a phone application that allows you to sell everything from clothing to cars. There is no fee to list. However, if you want your item to get more attention, you can pay to have it “bumped” or “featured.” The site suggests that sellers ask for cash payment; if they want to pay through the app, everything goes through Stripe, which may charge a processing fee. The site wisely advises sellers to walk away from buyers who suggest that they pay with personal checks, cashiers checks, prepaid cards, etc. Often these buyers are bogus and attempting to scam you out of both your item and, potentially, get you to “refund” them overpayments. It’s only later that sellers find out that this is a fake check scam. Scammers hit nearly every sale site, so there’s nothing different about the fact that they hit OfferUp too.

The reason this site gets a lower score than some of it’s competitors is that its app has a number of glitches and customer support is missing in action. There are other free sites to sell your stuff, most notably Craig’s List and LetGo, and they appear to be the better choice. But, there’s also no reason not to list your items for sale on all of the free sites. 

What their users say:

Have been on Offerup for a couple years. And all of a sudden it lets me post but they really aren’t posting. No views; no comments; no offers; so I decided to see from another computer. My ads were not on there. Don’t respond to your problems. This site has gone entirely down hill

So I’ve been using Offerup for about 6 or so months and just within the last month it has stopped allowing me to send or receive messages. I have made two or three different accounts yet they all do the same thing even after I verify the emails for each account. It will let me search every type of item and find them and I can technically “send” a message but it does not send. I sent a message on the app to my friend but he did not receive it and still has not.

I have had the same issue since February and I can’t get a hold of anyone at the offer up team. I can’t get any views on my items I have listed, The recipients don’t see my messages and I get the “error” code too. Hopefully it can be resolved ASAP!
I cannot see messages from others (from anyone) all I get is a white page that says REPORT, I have reported does anybody have a FIX. this has never happened before and stinks
I’ve found that most responses come either when you’ve just listed an item and “users” send LOWBALL offers or a long time after your listing, which typically is “do you still have this”. When I answer yes, there is no further contact. Obviously they try to keep you listing. The process of keeping things current is FAR too much work unless you pay them. I’d rather pay ebay 10% and get a reasonable price than give things away on this HORRIBLE site.
WOW!I had over 300 sales and 5 stars rating. I’ve put up with the clutter of the app the changes they made now they charge you for listings renewal etc. But I primarily went back to eBay for my high end items if I’m gonna pay. I sold cheap stuff. Anyways I was threatened by a buyer recently. What did Offerup do to protect its big seller against this crook and criminal??THEY BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT AFTER LEARNING I MADE A REPORT AND AFTER REALIZING THEY ALLOWED THE GUY TO CONTINUE MESSAGING ME THREATS AFTER I COMPLAINED OVER 20 TIMES!