Opinion Inn is a survey site that pays between 10 cents and $100 for survey responses, depending on the requirements of the research.

Expected pay: 10 cents to $5

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older

What is Opinion Inn?

Opinion Inn is a survey site that pays between 10 cents and $100 for survey responses, depending on the requirements of the research.

How it works

Consumers sign up and verify their email address. The site then takes a day or two to approve you.

Once in, Opinion Inn presents you with a raft of potential survey options and one-question quizzes. Each quiz has a topic, a projected payment amount and a rough estimate of how long it will take.

However, like most survey sites, each survey will ask you to answer a number of “screening” questions. These are repetitive of the many questions you answered when filling out your profile and include your age, education level, income range, household status, etc. In many cases, you’ll be rejected from taking the survey after spending several minutes on the screening questions. So you don’t earn the promised amount.

But the site does provide a token 10 cent payment for having tried, which is somewhat better than the bulk of other survey sites.

How much you earn

But providing your opinion is one of the least lucrative activities you can do on this site. You get $10 as a “sign-up bonus” and another $5 if you refer a friend. And if you have attempted to take at least five surveys in a month, you get entered into a monthly sweepstakes that pays $500.

Your opinions? Opinion Inn says its surveys pay between 10 cents and $100 per survey. However, most frequently, surveys pay between $2 and $5 and take up to 15 minutes, if you’re able to complete them. It’s common to get disqualified from a survey after answering screening questions.

Like most survey sites, you’re not likely to earn even close to minimum wage here. But you can do surveys while watching t.v., so the “working conditions” make this an okay way to make a few extra bucks when you don’t have something better to do.


Participants are paid via PayPal once they’ve built up at least $25 in their accounts. And even if you only earn the 10 cent token payments for surveys, the sign-up and referral bonuses and the plethora of surveys, make it fairly likely that you’ll hit the $25 threshold without too much time or effort.


You’ll only earn token amounts of money here. But, if you’re stuck on jury duty or watching mindless t.v. shows, you can actually earn money with this site. You can sign up with Opinion Inn here.

Other survey sites to consider are Prolific and Survey Junkie.

What their users say (from TrustPilot)

I am a huge fan of Opinion Inn. Easy way to make some extra cash. I’ve been using it for many years till now and i have no complaints. Easy to redeem, cash goes right to my PayPal. Customer service is great as well when you have an issue.I recommend this site to anyone who wants to start doing surveys online. Good surveys, payouts add up quickly.

I used many websites or portals for taking surveys and I found this site one of the Best, Genuine, Legitimate and Safest in term of services, payouts and support. They are providing $10 gratuity on signup. I’m loving the interface and getting regular updates on my email for new surveys. Great way to earn easily. It also provides various modes of payment.

Totally legit

Legit paid survey website, which is user friendly and offers handsome payouts instantaneously. You can access and take surveys via desktop, tablet or mobile. Also, this website has a lot of surveys, which means more potential to earn money. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

This is one of the most consistent and trustworthy paid survey sites in terms of instantaneous payment redemption options and providing surveys to its members. It is a user-friendly website. Once you join them and visit the website, you will find the list of multiple surveys available for you. Opinion Inn also assures that you will get regular surveys on your email once you sign up and become its member. There is also MOBILE compatibility, so you can take surveys on the go. Thus, if you’re looking for the best paid survey websites, go for this one and earn handsomely by just sitting at home.

Among the best

I consider Opinion Inn one of the best survey sites, it takes some extra time to review my answers, but it is honest and pays good prices for my approved surveys. Besides, it is secure and cares about my privacy, and it offers an excellent customer service.

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